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PREMIERE: James And The Cold Gun’s Raucous Video For Their New Track ‘Long Way Home’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 8 March 2021 at 11.55

A real statement of riff-laden intent from James Joseph and James Biss.

We are delighted to present to you the video for 'Long Way Home', the brand new track from James And The Cold Gun

Serving as the rock and roll brainchild of ex-Holding Absence bassist James Joseph and ex-Frown Upon guitarist James Biss and after releasing a handful of singles over the course of 2019 and 2020, 'The Long Way' serves not just as the band's first music since signing a deal with Venn Records but also a statement of intent of what's to come. Sand-stained guitars and infectious licks clash with sleazy vocal refrains and an absolute belter of a chorus to create a rollicking slice of modern-day rock that is simply impossible to resist. 

James Joseph had this to say about what the track represents for him, both personally but also as a true introduction to his vision for the band:

"We're so excited to release Long Way Home, it's our first song with real drums and we recorded it without a click, playing around our drummer in a room, like a real band!.

"We worked with Adrian Bushby (Foo Fighters, Placebo, Muse) on the recording of our new material and it was a dream come true, he made the process so much fun, encouraging us to loosen up when tracking, we drank SO much coffee and asked him a million questions about Dave Grohl and The Spice Girls, which was nice" 

"Myself and James Biss are best-mates, flat-mates and now band-mates, we've both been in a bunch of different bands but realised we had similar musical itches that needed scratching, that's when we decided to form Cold Gun... We regularly jam at Biss' parent's garage, where there's an old drum kit and some amps, we go there to just crank the volume and have a bit of fun jamming together, it makes us feel like we're 15 again!"

"The song itself can be viewed in two parts, the first half being about being stuck in a toxic relationship and it slowly eating away at you, 'taking the long way' to me is where you'd choose to travel a longer way to work or home to avoid a person that you might not want to be around for as long, but I could also see people interpreting it as taking a hard route in their lives to better themselves rather than looking for shortcuts". 

"The second half of the song, the mid-section onwards, for me is so cathartic, it's essentially me trying to wrestle with my own self-doubt and the prying eyes of the doubters around me, 'you won't catch me at the crossroads kneeling' I feel like right now would be the easiest time for me to give up on music and settle for something more safe or sensible, but that's not going to fucking happen. 

"I don't like listening to my own music that much as by the time it's all recorded and you've shot a video you've heard it 100+ times, however, I decided to test the song out on a tough run (yes I became a running wanker in lockdown) and when that midsection riff kicks in you can absolutely fly, to anyone who listens to Cold Gun, let me know if you hit any PBs during that riff! I'm so excited to have it kick off live". 

And heeeeere we go:

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