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PREMIERE: HERIOT’s Destructively Desolating New Track ‘Cleansed Existence’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 26 November 2020 at 16.00

You need to hear this.

We are over the moon to be able to bring you 'Cleansed Existence', the brand new track from HERIOT.

Serving as the band's first new music since 2016 and their first as a four-piece, with the addition of guitarist and vocalist Debbie Gough, it's one of the most violent and volatile statements of intent you're going to hear this year. Combining the technicality of metal with the sheer brute force of hardcore, the track is two minutes of unbridled heaviness that will stick with you long after it has stopped pummelling you. 

The band had this to say about what the track represents for this new chapter in their story:

"'Cleansed Existence' is the track that has most accurately captured the evolution of our identity and how we want to project the band. Since becoming a four piece with the addition of Deb on guitar and vocals, sonically and lyrically the aggression of HERIOT has been amplified as we’ve explored even grittier topics than before. It’s been important to us all to make meaningful as well as heavy music."

And here's a little bit about what the track is actually about:

"Although HERIOT has always been a channel for us to confront tribulation, with newer material we’ve tried to focus our attention on more specific topics. Cleansed Existence conveys how social issues are so complex and the domino-effect of abusive attitudes in modern culture will always lead to a tragic demise."

Well, without further ado, here we go:

How ace was that? We bet you're clicking play again immediately.

And keep your eyes open for more very soon, as this is just the first in a series of singles that the band have been working on with producer George Lever. 

Until then, you can pre-save the track on your preferred streaming service right HERE

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