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PREMIERE: Happy.‘s Vibrant And Vital New Track ‘A Cure For Wellness’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 4 August 2020 at 10.38

"The song is a reflection of hypocrisy and self-sabotage"

We are over the moon to be able to premiere 'A Cure For Wellness', the brilliant new song from pop-punk upstarts Happy.!

Despite the track's jangling chords and ear-worming chorus feeling like the sun on the back of your neck, it ultimately represents something much more personal and real. It's through this juxtaposition between the trio's vibrant melodies and vulnerable lyricism that they demonstrate what a wonderfully important band they are. 

They have offered up some explanation for what 'A Cure For Wellness' represents:

"A Cure For Wellness is a song that has many different meanings. When the song was first written, it was a form of therapy to indirectly hash out angry feelings towards a loved one struggling with addiction and all of the dark situations we were put in because of it. It was a painful and frustrating process.

"We recorded this song with Marc McClusky in Chicago in January of this year. This song is a showcase of the new sound and deeper messages we want fans to expect from us. It is one of our faster, heavier tracks but it has the upbeat and fun nature of a Happy. song.  Marc really helped us bring that to life. He is incredible."

They also added how the video suits the mood of the song perfectly:

"The song‘s meaning changed after listening back to it a year after it was initially written. In that time, a realization occurred that the song was actually about the disappointment and vexation with yourself for enabling someone and perpetuating toxic habits. The song is a reflection of hypocrisy and self-sabotage.

"We wanted the video to encompass the overwhelming sense of anxiety and uneasiness that comes along with guilt. Director XJ did an amazing job creating the lighting and overall vibe to match the emotion."

And if that wasn't enough, there's more music coming in the same vein:

"We are happy to say that there will be a “part 2” if you will, to the story and concept of this song. Fans can expect to find a continuous and thematic narrative throughout all the upcoming songs. We are being honest and open with our fans. Success and happiness are subjective based on personal experiences and there is no formula to growing your relationships, passions, dreams or mental health.

"We are striving every day in the same ways that our fans are with the pros and cons of success and failure in all aspects of our life. We want to encourage our fans to grow and succeed with us. Let’s all try to become the best versions of ourselves, together, for each other."

Have a listen for yourself below:

The track is taken from the band's upcoming new album 'Imposter Syndrome', which is scheduled for release on October 30 through Rude Records.

You can pre-order the record from right HERE

And you can pre-save 'A Cure For Wellness', which will be available for streaming/download at midnight, from right HERE

The record will also feature 'Sick Is The New Sane', which was released back in June:

Lovely stuff! 

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