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PREMIERE: Grayscale’s Brand New Video For ‘Baby Blue’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 27 August 2019 at 15.00

A poignant reminder to mend bridges while you still can.

Grayscale's brand new album 'Nella Vita' is set for release next Friday (September 06) through Fearless Records - but before that happens, they're giving us another taste of what's to come. 

Rock Sound is excited to be hosting the world premiere of Grayscale's brand new video for 'Baby Blue', and it's a classic combination of heavy lyrical content, with a fun and dancy bop. Basically, it's great.

'Baby Blue' follows on from the already released singles 'Painkiller Weather' and 'In Violet', both released earlier this year - and like its predecessors, 'Baby Blue' taps into some super emotional and personal subjects.

Speaking of the meaning behind the song, Grayscale frontman Collin Walsh has shared “This is a song about saying goodbye to someone after years of silence... It is about regret and realizing in the moment that what kept you apart was dumb and wasn’t worth the exile of one another.”

Heavy stuff. And a poignant reminder to mend bridges while you still have the chance.

Check out the official video for Grayscale's 'Baby Blue' below:

Grayscale's new album 'Nella Vita' is set for release Friday, September 06 through Fearless Records.

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