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PREMIERE: Dude Trips’ Heartbreakingly Beautiful New Track ‘Gentle’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 1 July 2021 at 13.54

We also chat with vocalist Shaun Ross all about putting together such a personal and emotional song.

We are absolutely delighted to present 'Gentle', the new single from Scottish emo merchants Dude Trips.

Serving as a tribute to vocalist/guitarist Shaun Ross' dog Miko who passed away at the age of 11, it's an honest and heartbreaking account of how it feels to lose a pet. Slow-burning guitars, building atmospheres and a stark and sincere retelling of the final moments that Shaun spent with his best friend, it's the sort of song that sticks with you long after it has faded away whilst reminding us all to hold on to the ones that we love whilst they are here with us. Because you never know when that final goodbye is going to be.

We jumped on the phone with Shaun to talk about the track a little bit more and where it slots into this new era for the band...

Is ‘Gentle’ the sort of song that you have always wanted to write but almost felt like you weren’t ready to do it in the past?
"It would have been very easy for me to rush in and throw what I was feeling at the point straight after my dog had passed. But I took a step back and took it all in. I knew I was always going to write a song about it. He was my best friend, and I wanted to pay tribute and put my all into it. So it was a slow process, but I feel like I have done him justice. Not just me but the whole band in how we got together and made it what it is.

“When I was trying to write it, I locked myself in my bedroom every night for two months trying to finish it. I would get to a certain point, and I would be breaking down because all these feelings were still stuck in my mind. When I got to the end, and I showed my mum, it all hit me all over again. It’s a song that is going to keep on doing that every time I hear it from now on.”

How does it feel to have the song not just be something you wanted to do but something that exists and can become a part of the band’s legacy?
"We had a week of recording this new EP, and ‘Gentle’ was the last song we worked on. We had to finish at 6 o’clock on a Sunday, and we got the track finished at one minute past. At that moment, it felt like a real weight off my shoulders. 

"When we were demoing the track, I remember Jamie [Mathers, bass] saying that he felt like it was going to be our biggest song. You kind of knock that on the head at the time and just say that you’ll do your best. But coming out of the vocal booth when we had finished it and walking back into the studio, hearing it playing and looking at the rest of the boys and nodding our heads and just knowing. By that time, I had tears rolling down my face. I couldn’t hold it in at that point. The whole thing has been so emotional, and hearing it finished was unlike anything."

Tell us a bit about the video and the creative direction you have taken with it…
"I knew that because of what the song represents, we could do something completely different with the video. Jamie came up with the idea of going in reverse, which feels like the icing on the cake for me on top of the location and everything that happens throughout it. The whole video leads back to that one moment that defines the track, and I feel like every shot takes every lyric in and expands it. It suits the track perfectly. More than anything, it feels like a big step up for us."

How do you feel what the band represents for you shifted over the course of your career thus far?
We started this band as a few mates that just wanted to play a local headline show in Aberdeen. That’s why we recorded our first EP because that was our main goal. But after we did that, we realised how much we enjoyed it and kept it ongoing. I feel like the writing changed just before we recorded our debut album ‘Through Love And Death, You're All I Have Left’, and we started touching more on mental health and things we had all be struggling with. We all went through relationships, the grief of friends and family members passing away. It felt like we matured on that record and carried it along to this new EP. I feel like, more than anything, we have grown up."

Has putting this song together given you more confidence in what Dude Trips could be in the future?
Absolutely. I still compare where we were with ‘Through Love And Death…’ and where we are now because it’s just what you do as an artist. But in all of our opinions, where we are now has excelled what we did then. It’s good to see that we are growing as a band, and it will continue to be onwards and upwards as we keep on trying to better our last record. We’ve worked hard on this release and put everything into it. Now we’re just excited to get it out there. We’re a band who wear our hearts on our sleeves and open up as much as we can, and we keep on dipping our toes in more and more. If there’s something emotional to be written about, we’re not afraid to face it head-on."

And here it is:

The track is taken from the band's upcoming EP 'You Are The Reason I Hate Leaving', which is set for release on August 06 via Venn Records.

It will also feature 'Evergreen', which sounds like this:

The band will also be hitting the road around the record's release.

Here are the dates:


10 - SWANSEA Bunkhouse
11 - BRIDGWATER Cobblestones
12 - STOKE Underground
13 - NEWCASTLE Surf Cafe
14 - MANCHESTER Star & Garter


17 - GLOUCESTER Dick Whittingtons
18 - LEEDS - Boom
19 - LIVERPOOL Outpost
20 - GLASGOW Audio

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