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PREMIERE: Death Blooms’ Punishing New Song ‘Life Is Pain’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 30 April 2020 at 11.07

The band have also announced that they've signed to Adventure Cat Records!

We are delighted to be premiering 'Life Is Pain', the desolating new track from Liverpool's own Death Blooms. It comes off the back of the news that the band have also signed to US label Adventure Cat Records, with a full album coming soon!

The label had this to say about the signing:

“We are so thrilled to welcome Death Blooms to the Adventure Cat Records family. We have been fans of the band for a year or so as they’ve torn up the underground UK metal scene. Welcoming them to our roster of incredible upcoming artists has been a perfect match and we are so excited to begin this next chapter with them."

So, to 'Life Is Pain'. Corrosive, callous and utterly cathartic, the track gives nods to the most unhinged areas of nu-metal whilst also sounding thoroughly fresh and modern with plenty of metalcore grit. It's an absolute stormer of a tune basically. 

Also, with a uneasy music video filmed whilst in quarantine, the whole affair feels incredibly claustraphobic and discomforting.

Vocalist Paul Barrow has this to say about the song and what it represents:

"The song is about the relentless monotony of everyday life and how it’s extremely tough to deal with how that makes you feel. It’s tough feeling like you simultaneously are doing your best and also, like you should be doing more. The cycle never ends. Sometimes, it feels like everything is hopeless, but it’s not. Other people do understand, you just have to find the right people. They’re definitely out there.

The important thing is to talk about how you feel and to keep talking about it. Everybody goes through this and it’s insanely difficult: the daily struggle really is real. We just felt like it was the right time to release this song, right now, with all this chaos around the world, to say, “yeah, this is absolutely fucked, but if we talk about it and act right, it’ll be fine”. That’s the point of this song, it’s catharsis, it’s venting.

"Everyone needs that outlet. This is one of ours."

So without further ado, here we go:

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