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PREMIERE: Dead Lakes’ Neon-Soaked Video For ‘Paradise’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 17 April 2020 at 11.31

Plus we chat with frontman Sumner Peterson all about the band's upcoming EP 'New Language'.

We are absolutely delighted to be premiering the video for 'Paradise', the new song from Washington post-hardcore merchants Dead Lakes.

'Paradise' is taken from the band's upcoming EP 'New Language', which is set for release May 01 via SharpTone Records, and serves as a neon-coated foundation for the band's new era. Lush electronic textures, beautifully soulful vocals and heart-on-sleeve honesty come together to make an intoxicating and positivity-filled slice of emotional brilliance.

Have a watch below:

We spoke to vocalist Sumner Peterson about the song, how 'New Language' came to be and what the last year and a half of developing the EP has taught them:

What does 'Paradise' represent for you?
"‘Paradise’ is about a time that I was going through when we first all moved out to Washington. I was dealing with a lot of anxiety and self-doubt and I wrote the song as a way to explain where my headspace was at the time to my friends and the people around me. I was at the bottom and people were trying to pull me up but the anxiety had the best of me for a long stretch.

"Honestly though, my reality is kind of a paradise. I’ve got a great circle, a roof over my head, my dog. Sometimes I feel like your headspace can make you feel like paradise seems like you’re eternally stuck in a quarantine."

How does it fit into the bigger picture that is 'New Language' then?
"‘New Language’ is all about self-discovery and taking real steps to find yourself without the influence of others and the societal norms that seem to dictate how you should live your life. It’s about accepting yourself and choosing to live your life as the person you want to be rather than the person you’ve been told to be your whole life. It’s about dealing with that self-doubt and anxiety and finding confidence in accepting who you are. ‘Paradise’ fits perfectly into that whole vibe."

What has changed for you and the band in the process of making this EP? How has it changed the way that you approach the band?
"A year and a half ago the band was just this really fun thing to do. We took it serioiusly and did some DIY tours, but it was just about what was familiar and comfortable for us. We grew up in the scene and listened to all the bands that came out around then like Bring Me The Horizon and PVRIS and Issues and when we were kids we listened to Silverstein and Emery and Scary Kids Scaring Kids. So a year and a half ago we were still in that realm. We were still very much a guitar, bass, drums and vocals band. I feel like the growth of the band has been on the side you don’t really see. We just really wanted to get a grasp on how to do more of the production side of things and ultimately how to write better songs. We started to take things a little bit more seriously and step out of our comfort zone a bit more."

Does 'New Language' in itself almost represent that growth and focus you have picked up over the course of making it? It's a physical embodiment of that journey you've gone on?
"Absolutely. There’s years where you’re having fun making music but you start to think ‘This probably isn’t going to pop off’ and you start getting into a lull of not giving the music your all. This EP was me giving it my all and being open and accepting to what growth actually was. I think we really became confident in the attitude and the voice that this EP was projecting and this collection of songs really embodies that. I feel like in this collection of songs we were the most vulnerable we’ve ever been, even in terms of trying something new on guitar or experimenting with techniques we hadn’t before. We wanted to come off as a more light-hearted and fun band rather than how we have been in the past playing much more serious music."

So this record is more about the light at the end of the tunnel rather than the darkness that proceeds it?
"Exactly. I know a lot of our lyrics have been heavy, and even on this record we tackle some issues that I know a lot of people go through. We want them to know that at the end of all of this, it is brighter. Tackling those issues brought out this brighter side of things and we were able to see things for what they are in a much clearer light. It’s that breath of fresh air you feel at the end of dealing with something or {when you finally start] feeling good about something again. That’s what we wanted everything about this EP, from the imagery to the videos, to be. We were at that place as people where we thought ‘That period of time was pretty tough, but this is what we came out the other end with’. We really want people to see that outcome."

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