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PREMIERE: Dead Eyes’ Deeply Inspiring Video For Their Track ‘Make You Believe’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 2 December 2021 at 17.57

Plus we chat to the band all about their new EP 'Stability'.

We are delighted to be able to share with you the video for 'Make You Believe', the new track from Dead Eyes.

A band bursting with visceral energy and immeasurable heart, 'Make You Believe' finds them at their most inspiring and motivational. With a thick blend of head-nodding grooves, searing melodies and plenty of chug for your buck, it's another piece of the puzzle from a band that you're destined to invest your heart and soul into. 

And the visual shows off that drive perfectly too.

Here it is:

The song is taken from the band's upcoming new EP 'Stability' which is out now.

We chatted to the band about the song and the EP, which you can get stuck into below:

What does 'Make You Believe' represent to you? Where did it start to come to light?
Zach Williams [Vocalist]: "'Make You Believe' is a product of this feeling we had entering the studio that this is exactly where the five of us are supposed to be, waging war on our demons together. It’s a song about blocking out the noise and letting nothing get in the way of what you want. It's for anyone who ever told you that you couldn't, anyone who said you were being “unrealistic”. Stay the course. Good things take time.

"This song really represents the battles big and small just to make it here; The early morning choir rehearsals as a kid, sleeping in parking lots, rationing 32 cashews as my only source of food for the week. Some sacrifices are easier to talk about than others. Not all make for comfortable reading and even more uncomfortable listening. Still, people are really resonating with it, which gives the pain a purpose.

"I was a loud, boisterous kid and so certain of what I wanted, and I think that threatened other kids. Feeling like an outsider is something the rest of the band all relate to. It always comes back to feeling like we didn't belong because we were the only kids who knew without a doubt what we wanted to do with our lives. We never gave ourselves any other option. So when this record came together, it just felt different."

What part does it play within 'Stability' as a release?
Zach: "We wanted this to be something to come back to at your lowest point and play at max volume when you feel like nobody can stop you. 'Stability' is set in an order that says, 'This is who we are...This is what we believe in...This is what we went through to get here...We earned the right to forge this path together. Our future is in our own hands'''.

"We want this record to soundtrack the life of [Dead Eyes’ fan community] the Deadkru, 'Make You Believe' says “Look at what we can overcome together”. It took a lot of sacrifices and a lot of self-belief to get to this point, it’s going to take a lot more to get us to the next point, and this song will serve as our mantra to make it through. We hope it does the same for someone else."

What has the creation of this EP taught you? What do you hope that it will teach others?
Zach: "We learned the value of keeping people around who understand where you’re coming from and share the same vision and drive to get there. Nothing happens without a team, and nothing worth having comes easy, so there was a lingering feeling in the studio that this was our chance to make something with the people we love who are in it for the long haul. It cemented the relationship with our producer, Kile Odell, who I’ve written and produced hundreds of songs since. Alex Kouvatsos has been with us since day one and directed all three videos for this record. Everyone on this team is part of the family.

Eric Rembeck [Guitarist]: "It taught me personally that taking your time with this is more worth it than rushing something just to get a record out. I learned not to get discouraged watching others do well and release music consistently while you're strengthening your foundation. Good things happen when you have a team that you trust, put in the work and believe in what you offer. We hope that this record teaches people to find their tribe and find their happiness. Whether it's the Deadkru, a knitting group or leaving that shitty job for one that appreciates you, we want this to be something that inspires people to do what makes them happy while also showing them how much stronger we are as people when we have support around us."

What has Dead Eyes as a creative vessel allowed you to say that you couldn't elsewhere?
Zach: "A couple of us do production and songwriting for a living, but Dead Eyes is the place where we’re sort of forced to face our own demons. We can’t hide our pain in someone else's problems and have to leave ourselves totally exposed. It's about the people closest to us and what we’ve been through together. It's also a place where we’re allowed to be a little less focused in our approach, get out of our comfort zones and explore things we otherwise wouldn’t have the freedom to if it were someone else's session or song."

What does this band mean to you? What has it meant to have had it through this uncertain time?
Zach: "What this band gives to us is immeasurable, it’s the reason we’re able to get up and face each day with a renewed sense of purpose. None of us would've pushed as hard had we not seen the sacrifices each other made and the hard work everyone was putting in or if we didn’t have the Deadkru to tell us and show us how much it means to them.

Zach: "The people in the Deadkru are really the ones that pulled us through this, and so we tried to balance the scales by giving them something that means a lot to us. We know the last year has been tough for our community, so we all felt this need to provide a sense of togetherness, a place where they can be themselves without fear of judgment and at least one place where they know they are valued."

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