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PREMIERE: Courage My Love’s Beautiful Collaborative Video For ‘Everybody’s Lonely’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 15 June 2020 at 17.59

The band asked their fans to help them create something special. Their fans delivered.

We are absolutely delighted to be premiering the new video for Courage My Love's track 'Everybody's Lonely'. 

The song appears on the band's new EP 'SPECTRA', which is out now. It's also their first release as an independent band, being recorded and produced by drummer Phoenix Arn-Horn in her and vocalist Mercedes Arn-Horn's home studio.

In terms of the video for the track, which is synth-driven bop about how we are all connected even if it doesn't always feel like it, the band asked fans to send in their own very specific footage to be included. But rather than just becoming a standed lockdown video, the fans were integrated into the actual story arc of the visual, creating a permenent connection between band and fan that at this current time feels more important than ever before.

Have a watch for yourself below:

We also jumped on the phone with Mercedes to chat about the song's meaning, how the video came together and what life as an independent band is like...

So where did this song fit into the process of putting together the EP? What is it about?
Says Mercedes Arn-Horn: “Even though the lyrics are pretty sad, they are also kind of hopeful. With the song being called ‘Everybody’s Lonely’, it’s about how we all feel alone and we all feel not connected at times, but the irony is that because we all go through that feeling we can all relate to it. We are connected by our loneliness.

“So in terms of the actual EP, this was always going to be an upbeat song where we got to rock out. It was the moment we got to live our ‘Boys Of Summer' fantasy. We wanted to go full 80’s so we tried to have fun with it.”

How has how you feel about this song particularly changed since it has been out in the world?
"Just considering the subject, it was super emotional, in a good way.  When we wrote this song originally, it was just about not being up to the task and feeling like your life was passing you by. It was relevant in terms of it was something that so many people also felt and experienced, but now it seems even more relevant with everything that everybody is going through with the lockdown. We were all forced into isolation for a little while and the song then started to feel a little bit more poignant.

“Even when you consider how we have actually done the music video. We had fans send in clips for us that we could edit into the final video. I know it’s something that a lot of people are doing right now, but it felt really cool because as I was editing the footage it became overwhelming to see how many people cared. They put a lot of time and effort in to it. It was a reminder of what the song was about once again. We’re not as alone as we think we are and all over the world there are people who care about what you do and want to be a part of it with you.”

What do you think it is that makes this video so special?
“I think in a way it’s a snapshot of the time, but at the same time we’ve managed to make it stand on its own in terms of the message and the visuals all fitting together. We didn’t want it to be like all the other videos we have seen out there. We wanted it to have a really specific aesthetic and tell a story without it being too obvious what’s going on. We really relied on our fans to nail that aesthetic.

“We also sent out really specific instructions and examples of shots that we wanted. It’s the same sort of thing as what I would do if we were getting actors for a normal music video. We kind of let the fans in on what happens behind the scenes a lot more than normal. It felt a project that we all did together.”

How does it feel knowing that the fans are there alongside you now that you're starting this new chapter all on your own?
“It feels good. This is our first independent release pretty much since the band started. The EP is totally self-produced. Every video is being made in-house. To be accepted by our fans in the way that we have been feels really good. You never know how things will be when you do it on your own. You hope that your vision is the right vision, but you never truly know. You could just be seeing it through your eyes and it not actually the right thing. We feel proud of what we’ve done, which makes it feel that bit more special. We hope it feels special to the people that listen to it as well.

“We’ve been a band for a while, and the fans who've been with us since the beginning are proud of us for taking this step into being independent. They know that they play a really important part in it. There isn’t really anything to fall back on now and in some ways you could look at that being a disadvantage but in others it becomes a really awesome process of reconnecting with why we do what we do.

“We sent out signed copies of the EP that people had pre-ordered and we did all of them ourselves for the first time ever. We wrote personal notes to everybody and sent them out by hand, so we could literally see everybody’s names and where in the world they were. It connected us with the fans once again in a way that we hadn’t previously been connected.”

It’s pretty amazing when you can reconnect with that gut feeling of why you started making music in the first place…
“Everything comes full circle. This process has made us feel almost like we did at the start of our career when we were like 17. I don’t think a lot of people get to experience that, but I think that every band should experience it at least once in their career. It definitely reminds you what your priorities are and what’s truly important.”

Now that you’ve jumped the first hurdle, what has this whole process ultimately taught you as you move forwards?
“More than anything, it’s made us more self-sufficient. Phoenix recorded and produced the EP herself in our home studio. I shot this video. It’s taught us that if you persevere and find a way to make the best of a bad situation, in life as well as in your career, you can do anything. People have excuses like ‘I don’t have the budget for that’ or ‘I don’t have the knowledge for that’, but having this off-time forced us to exercise our creative brains so we weren’t going crazy. I’m really grateful for that. I feel like we are coming out the other end of this feeling like we didn’t waste any time.”

You can listen to the 'SPECTRA' EP right here:

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