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PREMIERE: Chief State Pay Homage To Anchorman In Their New Video For ‘Biding Time’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 10 March 2020 at 10.44

You stay classy.

Rock Sound is delighted to be premiering Chief State's new video for 'Biding Time'.

The song is the final one taken from the band's upcoming EP 'Tough Love' before it's release on March 27 via Mutant League Records.

Taking cues from old school news bulletins, the video gives off a great 'Anchorman' energy as the band report on pressing issues such as an otter causing trouble in Chinatown and all of the action at a local hockey match.

Vocalist Fraser Simpson had this to say about putting the clip together:

“We had a lot of fun filming this video, we decided to go as low budget as possible to see what we could come up with by ourselves. We borrowed a camera, box lights and a green screen, had a rough plot and then just had fun with it! I spent hours on YouTube learning how to edit green screen footage and this is the shoddy result of it all!

"Thankfully it’s come out somewhat coherent but to be honest, we‘re just hoping people will take pity on our lousy videography skills and check out our new album! If you like the song and video, if you got a couple of laughs, please give us a follow in all the usual places.

"Tour dates to be announced and lots of behind the scenes footage of this silly day will be coming out in the coming weeks via the Mutant League Records YouTube channel!”  

Well without further ado, here's 'Biding Time':

Fraser also told us a little bit about 'Tough Love' and what it was like creating it:

“Tough Love took a little longer than we had hoped but I guess that's the nature of collaboration! We took our time with the writing process and really tried to hone in on our sound for this release. Once we had decided on the songs we felt were the right vibe for the album we jumped straight into the studio with Tim Creviston.

"We're really pleased with how everything came out and we hope people will see this as a good progression from Nothing More Than This. There's certainly some faster songs that you might expect from us like 'Reprise' and 'Deciduous' but we really worked on expanding our sound. Songs like 'Biding Time' and 'Choke' demonstrate elements of a side to us that we haven't shown before.

"We hope people can take as much pleasure from these songs as we did creating them!”

Very nice.

You can pre-order your copy of the EP from here right now. 

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