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PREMIERE: Boys Of Fall’s Emotionally Crushing New Track ‘Midnight’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 8 October 2020 at 13.06

The band's new album 'Distance' is set for release next month. 

We are delighted to present 'Midnight', the brand new track from Detroit crossover merchants Boys Of Fall.

Taken from their upcoming album 'Distance', the song serves as a striking and sincere showcase of both sides of the band's sound. Mixing emotional pop-rock hooks with guttural turns of aggression, it's as wonderfully uplifting as it is crushingly despondent and a perfect example of how far the band are willing to push their own limits.

The band told us a bit more about the track represents:

"'Midnight' takes us back to the heavier roots of our band but in a new way. We knew going into this record that Better Moments was missing so much of what made us who we are and Midnight felt like we captured the emotional intensity we had been wanting to portray. Lyrically this song really describes the inner loathing you feel inside yourself that becomes so deep, you feel it change who you are. That you don’t deserve love because you’re not worthy of it due to the inability to let go of your own mistakes. It was the perfect continuation from the first song distance. The album as a whole through the telling of different experiences; speaks to the theme of a “distance” that grows between certain relationships and yourself from who you used to be to the people around you."

Have a watch and a listen for yourself below:

'Distance' is set for release on November 20 via InVogue Records. 

The band had this to say about the record as a whole:

"'Distance' was such a different experience and journey than I ever would have imagined going into an album. Every band progresses and changes over time and we all collectively felt like this was the album we were supposed to make all these years. It blends the catchiness and grooviness we’ve always tried to capture while diving more into our heavier/emotional roots. 'Distance' really talks about change. The lengths we travel in our lives through so many situations that bring you to where you are now. It’s very personal to all of us and was the most honest expression of who we are as a band today."

The artwork looks a lot like this:

And the full tracklisting like this:

01. Distance
02. Midnight
03. Worth It
04. Mad Sad
05. Little Disaster
06. Rain
07. Heavy Hearts
08. False Love
09. Overthinking
10. Closure

Here's the title track for you to listen to as well, which was released last week:

You can pre-order the record from right HERE

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