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PREMIERE: Boy Destroy’s Beautifully Affecting New Track ‘As Time Goes By’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 2 December 2020 at 17.55

We also chat with Boy Destroy about the song's themes and what this project represents for him.

We are delighted to present 'As Time Goes By', the brand new track from Boy Destroy.

Serving as a follow-up to his debut single 'Warpaint', gorgeously affecting pianos blend with thunderously building beats as lyrical turns detail the process of trying to escape from the past but being unable to. It's a deeply personal and beautifully put together slab of emotional alternative music that shows off both what Boy Destroy is all about, both musically and visually.

To go along with the track, we spoke to Boy Destroy about the project, the track and its video and what his intentions are as we move forwards...

How would you best describe what Boy Destroy represents, not just for you but also on a bigger scale?
"Boy Destroy is an extension of myself, sometimes exaggerated and sometimes biographical, and an accurate representation of me. It is about turning brokenness into beauty. I want it to be both a portal and a vessel for people to pour their own experiences into."

What were your original intentions when you first started making music as Boy Destroy and how has that developed as that art has started to come to life?
"I wanted to stop poisoning myself but didn’t fully understand how that was to be done. Then I started writing about my experiences and trying to look at them from another direction. I’m both the hero and the villain of my own story."

What does 'As Time Goes By' in particular represent for you? Where do its roots thematically stem from?
"The words describe a day I had with someone in a bed somewhere. I wanted a song with these chord changes for a while and when I played them on a piano something clicked. I was transported to that point in time once again."

What was the process of putting the visuals together like? How did the initial idea develop into what we see today?
"Both me and the director Jesper wanted to tell a story about not being able to outrun something from your past. Not only because you can’t seem to get away from it but because a part of you still clings to it. We started discussing this and the image of a teddybear came up. Dreams of adolescence and childhood memories worked its way into it."

How did the creation of this track compare to what you were trying to do with 'Warpaint'?
"‘Warpaint’ was written in a time of inner turmoil and this song was not. It is a piece of music that comes from a peaceful mind. I think you can hear that in the music. ‘Warpaint’ is about escape and this is a story about letting yourself be consumed by the past. Only for a couple minutes."

Musically, where are you looking to take Boy Destroy as you move forwards?
"I listen to a lot of old punk rock and alternative bands right now. This will most definitely come out in the music. I want to explore more sounds and look at things from new perspectives."

What effect has having a vessel such as Boy Destroy in your life had on the way you approach the other parts of your life?
"It is an extreme luxury to have a voice such as this and being able to express my feelings and thoughts. I am grateful for this every day. But it can be hard to juggle a healthy amount of ego with my creative spirit and that’s something I always keep in mind when things start spinning. I am as imperfect as anyone else but I aspire to be a pure person at the world's service."

So, now you know. It's time to listen:

And this is what 'Warpaint' sounds like:

And if you fancy a bit more, here's an in-studio cover of The Smashing Pumpkins' classic track '1979':


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