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PREMIERE: ‘Better Days’, The Rousing First Song From I Am The Avalanche’s New Album ‘DIVE’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 1 October 2020 at 17.54

Here we go!

We are absolutely delighted to be able to bring you 'Better Days', the first new song from I Am The Avalanche in six years. 

The track is taken from the band's brand new album 'DIVE', which we can exclusively reveal will be released on November 20 via I Surrender Records and Big Scary Monsters.

An anthem for those we have loved, lost and lived with through these strange times and beyond, it's a quintessential slice of beer-stained punk-rock that will send shivers creeping up your spine and stick with you long after it has finished.

It's the sort of song made for being screamed at the top of your lungs and it's ready and waiting for you to listen to below:

SO, more about 'DIVE'. 

Here's a closer look at the artwork:

And the full tracklisting:

01. Better Days
02. You’re No Good To Me Dead
03. Dive
04. Fake Weed
05. Love Song 69
06. Are You Listening?
07. Tokyo
08. Concrete
09. Earthquake
10. The Morning

You can pre-order the record from right HERE starting tomorrow Friday October 2

We also jumped on the phone with frontman Vinnie Caruana to chat about the song, the record and everything in between:

Where did the first inklings of you putting together a new Avalanche record come from?
“It’s really been myself and Mike Ireland [Guitarist]. He’s one of my best friends and we’ve been writing songs together this entire time with Avalanche. We hang out all the time, he’s moved out of New York recently, but all of 2019 we met once or twice a week and we would just write music. I think it was him who said, ‘I think we should write an Avalanche’ record and all that means to me is that aside from hanging out and drinking beers we should also have guitars in our hands. I wanted that and I think a lot of people [did too].

“I give credit to the people who like our band and stick with us because we haven’t made it easy on everyone. Our release schedule record is very fleeting and very inconsistent and we understand that. That’s just the way it is. We all do different stuff and a lot of us have careers and lives. In the beginning Avalanche toured a lot, I would say throughout the last decade it’s been pretty sporadic and we just do this the way we want to do it.

“I’m very aware that there’s people out there who will be very excited to hear a new Avalanche record though, and I’m one of those people. I think when Mike and I write music together it’s instantly I Am The Avalanche and I’ve always felt that the end product is always my favourite record. Saying that, this new record is my favourite punk record ever.”

That’s the core value of why you want to make music in the first place isn’t it? And to still feel that after so many years is pretty special…
"Yeah, I’ve been doing this since I was 18 and I just turned 41 last week. A lot has changed, you know? My first band was The Movielife when I had just graduated High School, and I remember that feeling so well. The way things worked back then was, ‘Alright give me music and I will do my thing over it’. In the beginning I was really learning what that meant and what that thing was. Yet from the very first song, that feeling was, ‘Wow, this is something I love to do’. I just love writing stuff and trying to make songs that I actually want to hear. I create these songs because I know I need them, and I think some other people might as well.

"As much as things changes and decades later I’ve released other Avalanche records and solo records and Movielife record and Peace’d Out records and Constant Elevation records, the feeling of writing music and recording it and then having it and releasing it is the exact same as when I was 18 years old. There’s no less excitement or gratification or enjoyment and I think a lot of that has to do with it levelling out my soul. If I didn’t do this and didn’t get the chance to get all of these things out of my soul and my head and my heart, I think I would be lost."

What were the things that you wanted to pull out of your soul this time around when it came to creating ‘DIVE’?
"I think that there’s such a strange feeling all around the world right now. These are the hardest times that I can remember in my life. It’s hard to wrap your brain around the fact that half of our country hate us and vote against us and vote against our interests. They are actively trying to beat us. There’s no unity at all. That’s just an undercurrent throughout life. I’m not just talking about 2020. Things haven’t been going that well for a while. So this record is written very directly to the listener. This is written directly out of my mouth and into your ear. This is for you. It’s very much me addressing I Am The Avalanche fans. It’s me saying, ‘Hey, we made an Avalanche record. This is how I’m feeling. I know some of you guys are feeling this too. It’s tough out there. Life’s hard and it’s not getting any easier’. I don’t want to dwell all the time and I don’t want to be depressed but I do want to offer some positivity into all of this. I don’t want to just make a sad record. We have no choice but to get through everything that we need to get through and to find the light and to find the beauty and to find positivity. Turning anger and confusion and depression into something a fire that ignites you and into something that can help us all."

It’s almost like using those feelings as kindling to stoke that fire inside of you rather than letting it burn out…
"Exactly. That’s how I feel, and it’s so important that your friends and family know that too. This is a friends and family record and that includes the listener. It’s there to let them all know and remind everybody that they aren’t alone. That’s something that runs throughout the entire record."

What was it that made you want to introduce this era with ‘Better Days’?
“It was difficult to pick what we wanted to lead with. We basically stopped overthinking it. There were probably seven of the songs that I wanted to debut the record with, and we just boiled it down and said, ‘There’s a reason this song is the first song on the record’. This song is definitely us saying, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ It’s definitely a musical statement and an obviously first song on the record, which serves as a reintroduction to the band. It’s us saying, ‘Here we are, better than ever’. We wanted to start with some power and this is a straight-forward punk song and if this is the first song on the record then it should also be the first song everybody hears after six years.

“This is obviously an Avalanche drinking song. I know not everyone drinks, but it’s more about our friends and our family and the listeners who are also in the family. It’s a song that could have been written yesterday as well. There are a lot of lyrics on this album that may appear like they are addressing the year 2020 but they’re not because they were written in 2019 and we finished tracking it before the quarantine started.”

It’s amazing how music can do that isn’t it?
“That’s what so magical about music. There’s a reason that a lot of us dedicate our entire lives to, or just want to surround ourselves with, music. It really is that magic. Obviously we all wish this year hadn’t had gone this way, and it’s less than ideal to release music when you can’t tour, but this record and its content make way too much sense to not release it in 2020. This record is going to be there for me this year because it already has been there for me this year.”

How so?
“I don’t sit there and listen to myself all day, but as a lot of musicians will tell you, you have to. First you have to write it and then demo it and then record it and then after that you need to go back and forth and mix it. So it was back in April when we were on full lockdown. My wife and me contracted the virus and got sick, so we had a few weeks where we were feeling pretty terrible. We live in Brooklyn, New York, which was the epicentre of positive tests. It was through the roof. So we’re locked in our apartment miserable, and this record and this record was there for me. Each morning I would have another file sent to me or another song mixed or whatever. I would sit by our window where the sun would be shining through onto me and I would listen and I would make notes. I felt this record as a listener because I had to listen to it. Listening to this every day was a huge boost of serotonin for me.”

Has that been the case for every Avalanche record? Has every one been there for you at that specific moment in your life?
“Oh my god, yeah. I can think very clearly about where I was with ‘Avalanche United’ specifically. I was in a strange place around that album. I had just gone through a divorce and my life was changing. I was alone and then I wasn’t. I needed that record so much to get stuff off my chest and to address everything. Walk myself through it, know what mistakes I made and know how I needed to grow. I wrote that record during the divorce but at the same time there are other songs, the more hopeful ones, when I had come through to the other side. I had began dating my now wife who I’ve now been with for 11 years. You only have to listen to a song like ‘Holy Fuck’ and know where this is going. I feel like ‘DIVE’ is another one of those records.”

So what is it about ‘DIVE’ that feels like the perfect statement to umbrella this collection of songs and this period of your life?
“The word ‘DIVE’ to me in relation to this record is very simple. We didn’t title this until the record was pretty close to being mixed. It wasn’t titled until this year, and I feel like that’s pretty important to note. I think about a year like this and how it affects all of us and I think about people where there’s not enough happiness in their life. I think about how people lose sight of things and get locked into this job or relationship or living in a place that they hate. I think about everything that we do to ourselves where we need a wake up call and someone to say, ‘That’s not working and life’s too short to go on like this’. That’s where the word ‘DIVE’ resonates.

“This year has shown that we all need to find the light in this life wherever we can. Go and do the thing that you’ve always wanted to do. Be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Do something with your life that is meaningful and brings you joy. Nothing matters except for happiness. That’s it. Life has no meaning without that happiness. That’s what ‘DIVE’ means.”

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