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PREMIERE: Behind The Scenes Of Lights’ Brand New Acoustic Single ‘New Fears (Bedroom Recording)’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 9 July 2019 at 10.00

In a Rock Sound exclusive, we're taking you behind the scenes of Lights' newest single.

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We're only days away from Lights' album 'Skin & Earth Acoustic' being released into the world, and today marks the fifth track to be released off the album. If you weren't aware, Lights has been releasing 'Skin & Earth Acoustic' track by track every alternating Tuesday, accompanied by a unique visualiser.

The thing about this specific acoustic album though, is that each of the tracks are individually recorded in specially selected locations, and are accompanied by bespoke videos filmed by Lights' husband Beau Bokan (of blessthefall).

This week, Rock Sound is excited to be presenting the world premiere of Lights' visualiser for 'New Fears (Bedroom Recording)'.


Speaking of the acoustic version of the track, Lights has shared "Recording and tracking 'New Fears' acoustic was the closest to how my songs are actually written; usually on a bed that isn’t my own in some city that I don’t live in. I loved doing this one because you wouldn’t think you could hear the environment when tracking in a bedroom but there was a really short reverb effect every time I sang loudly that you can hear in the recording. I love those little nuances that remind you this is not a studio recording. That’s the whole point of this project!"

Speaking about the location for 'New Fears', Lights shares that this has been the easiest location to lock down and shoot in. She also reveals that in order to be true to the comic book, they used pink gels on all of the lights in the room - which, even though you can't hear it, is all an important part of setting the scene.

Check out the visualiser for Lights' new single 'New Fears (Bedroom Recording)' below:

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