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PREMIERE: Bears In Trees’ Brilliantly Chaotic Video For Their New Track ‘I’m Doing Push Ups’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 8 October 2021 at 19.06

Plus we chat to the band about their upcoming debut album!

We are absolutely delighted to be able to present you with the video for 'I'm Doing Push Ups', the wonderful new song from Bears In Trees.

Sonically the track leaps and bounds between poetic delicacy and driving ferocity, showing off the band's perfect balance of off-kilter and infectious pop-rock. Matched with a visual that is as blood-splattered, bonkers and brilliant as you could ever expect from the band, and it's an absolute treat from a band unlike any other.

Check it out below:

The track is taken from the band's debut album 'and everybody else smiled back' which is set to drop on November 19 via Counter Intuitive Records.

You can pre-order it from right HERE

It will also feature 'Great Heights':

We caught up with the band and chatted about it and how it came together:

What was your initial vision for 'and everybody else smiled back' and how did that adapt over the course of you making it?
"I think initially we were just writing from our experiences, trying to make constructive sense of retrospective love, pain and complex life experiences. It wasn't until Nick and I had a conversation about what was exiting us in terms of concepts and world-building that the album idea came together. We discussed that euphoric feeling where all that matters is right now like the world is ending around you - but then the next moment of calm contemplation. We then refocused on the songs and concepts that built that world.'

What had your journey up until this point taught you which allowed you to produce the exact sort of debut album that you wanted?
"I think we always try to write from places of authentic retrospection - I think we've built our understanding of ourselves, of the world around us and the interaction between the two within the space of our friendships with each other and externally to the band. We also always try to be constructive with our expression, like "this painful thing happened, how can I grow from this?". Everything we do changes us and our perspective and hopefully makes it more constructive and more complex."

What do you feel is the central theme that holds the record together, and how does that stem off into the different stories and experiences told throughout it?
"The central theme is the exploration of those nights and experiences of terrifying euphoria and the day after. Each story stems from our relationships and the space of growth between each person in them."

How has your own relationship with the band and the part that it plays in your lives changed over the course of this process?
"We're always friends before we're a band, and I think that plays an important part. We're willing to lay ourselves bare and be more vulnerable but also able to build each other up."

What part of this record, be it the actual creation or execution, makes you feel the most pride?
"All of it. I think we've made something greater than everything we've done before in every way. Everything from the writing to the production to the planning and admin going on behind the scenes has taken a massive step up and we're so happy with how far we've come in the last year or so."

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