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PREMIERE: Bearings’ Beautifully Colourful Video For Their New Song ‘Super Deluxe’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 14 October 2020 at 11.59

Taken from their upcoming new album 'Hello, It's You'. 

Photo: Brandon Dacosta

We are absolutely delighted to present the video for 'Super Deluxe', the brand new song from Ontario's own Bearings

A standout track from the band's upcoming record 'Hello, It's You', which is set for release on November 20 via Pure Noise, 'Super Deluxe' is a buoyant and beautifully considered slice of sun-stained pop-rock that shows off the band's wonderful knack for writing the sort of hook that lingers on your tongue long after it has finished. Plus the video is as vibrant as it is personal, with swirls of colour surrounding vocalist Dougie Cousins as he addresses you head on. 

We caught up with Dougie to find out where the song started life and where it fits into the bigger picture of the record...

Where in the process of writing the album did the song come in?
"Me and Ryan [Culligan, guitarist] got together with Anton [DeLost] who produced our last record, just to mess around with some ideas. We put this song together along with another song called 'Love Me Like You Did' - obviously when we went into the studio, a few changes were made, it got beefed up a little bit, and now it’s 'Super Deluxe'."

What does it represent within the story that you wanted to tell with this record?
"We don’t typically write records around a specific theme or concept - we usually just make some songs that we are personally fans of, songs that we like... I think this is one specifically we sort of channelled a bit of the music we were listening to around that time that were in a similar genre."

What did the initial blueprint for this record look like - how did it adapt?
"Like I said, as a band we don’t necessarily go in with a blueprint. Obviously we like to have a set of diverse songs, we never wanna go in and make the same song ten times. We like to try new things, that’s what we tried to do on 'Blue In The Dark' and that’s what we’re trying to do on this new record as well."

What has changed in your songwriting approach since your release of last record 'Blue In The Dark'?
"The approach to songwriting is fairly similar, just more evolved. Every record you wanna do better than the last. Especially this being our second record, it’s a big one for us ya know. I guess one thing that’s changed is we don’t really get to be together, all in a room and jam out to make these songs  - we’re sort of doing the same thing that a lot of musicians are right now where we’re doing a lot of writing at home or making demos on the computer, scheduling writing sessions with people who can bring something different to the table."

Lyrically what were you trying to put across here?
"I’ve always been a big fan of bands like Third Eye Blind, who can take a phrasing that maybe you wouldn’t use in a normal sentence, and give it meaning. I think we’ve always tried to do that, especially on this record and particularly with 'Super Deluxe'. I like to allow the listener to apply meaning to a song to themselves rather than point it out for them. I know for me, songs change meaning over time, so it’s pretty difficult to have one specific moment that I wrote it about."

What does 'Hello, It’s You' mean to you as the person and the band that you?
"It being our second record, it’s an important one for us. We got to try a lot of things on this record, working with Courtney [Ballard] on it was a blast. We feel it’s our most creative music yet, and we feel that it was about time we share it with you guys."

Without further ado, here we go:

As we said, 'Hello. It's You' is scheduled for release on November 20 via Pure Noise. 

The artwork looks a little bit like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

01. Better Yesterday
02. Sway
03. Super Deluxe
04. So Damn Wrong
05. Lovely Lovely
06. Love Me Like You Did
07. Over Now
08. Dreams
09. I Feel It All
10. Transient Colours

And here's the video for 'Sway', which was released last month:

You can also listen to 'I Feel It All' and 'So Damn Wrong', which were first released last year, right here:

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