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PREMIERE: Attack Attack!‘s Dark Video For Their Devastating New Track ‘Press F’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 22 September 2021 at 13.57

Bang your head.

We're absolutely delighted to present to you the official video for 'Press F', the new single from Attack Attack!.

Firmly established as being back for good following their reunion last year, the band have delivered a proper devastating blow with 'Press F', and a further reminder that anything is possible this time around. Overwhelming riffs, anguished howls and some of the bleakest breakdowns the band have ever conjured, such a volatile track deserves a visual to match. From its pitch-black atmosphere to the troubled performances of its characters, they have more than achieved that. 

Dark. Desolating. Undeniable.

The band had this to say about the tune:

"Press F is arguably our heaviest release to date and we are incredibly excited to see the overwhelmingly positive responses to it. You won't want to miss this live!"

And here it is:

Whilst we're here, let's check out the rest of the band's output since their resurgence, and see just how varied they are.

Here's the shimmering EDM of 'Fade With Me':

Here's the crabcore-brilliance of 'Brachyura Bombshell':


And here's the neon-stained 'All My Life':

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