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PREMIERE: As December Falls’ Uplifting New Track ‘Tears’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 18 March 2021 at 17.57

Plus we chat with vocalist Bethany Hunter about the song's themes and roots.

We are utterly delighted to be able to present 'Tears', the new track from As December Falls

Another taste of the band's upcoming album 'Happier', the track is an uplifting and infectious slice of modern British pop-punk that speaks about pushing through the adversity no matter how much it messes with you and your emotions. 

Plus the video is a beautifully shot journey from the city streets to the serene surroundings of the countryside, providing a sense of peace and serenity within all of the noise.

We chatted to vocalist Bethany Hunter about the track and what it represents for them:

Where did 'Tears' stem from? 
"Tears is about struggling internally and trusting in yourself to overcome it.  The song started years ago when I was in a bad place, I was lying in bed crying when I realised that I literally had tears running into my ear.  I picked myself up and knew that I needed to help myself and turned the experience into this song.  The lyric in the middle 8 "God knows that I need saving but I don't want your help, heaven knows I need no saviour cause I can only save myself" really sums up the song."

What does it mean to the band on a musical and personal level?
"We're quite a strange band in the way that we write, in that there's never a set way that a song comes to life. I had the verse vocal melody and lyrics from years ago but had never written them into a full song. I brought a rough sketch of the idea to Ande [Hunter, Guitarist] and tried to vocalise how the riff underneath it should sound which is how that clean guitar part got written.  After that, the song all came together pretty quickly. We experimented a bit more on this track with synths, piano and the intricate middle 8/ ending.  It's a song that means a lot to me because the lyrics are so personal, although it's always scary to be so vulnerable lyrically."

Where does it slot into the overarching themes and narrative of 'Happier'?
"The verses vocalise being so stressed, sad and upset to the point where I was lying there just wishing I could be happier. The chorus and middle 8 are much more uplifting lyrically, finding the strength and determination to keep going. The music reflects that change with that major lift. It's the perfect way to sum up the whole record really!"

What was that you wanted to represent with this era and how did you go about creating that?
"To write a banging, guitar-based rock record! We finished our last album in 2018 and started getting approached by different producers and labels wanting to work with us. We kept getting told that no one listens to guitar-based rock music anymore and if we wanted to "make it" we had to essentially start working on pop songs, but we write music from a very honest place. We've never gone hit following or whatever and as such we never really "plan" our albums. This record is a just culmination of the past couple of years. Life got a bit harder. 2020 SUCKED. And it led to an incredibly honest and sometimes painful album."

What does As December Falls mean to you all in 2021?
"This band is the light at the end of the Covid era tunnel. I'm excited and ready to hit the ground running with this new album and (hopefully) start touring again!"

And what has having it as a part of your life over the last few years meant?
"This band means everything to us. We've been doing it for a while now and I can honestly say it's the thing of which I'm most proud of and I can't wait for you all to hear what we've been working on."

Here we go then:

'Happier' is set for release on August 06. Fancy hearing some other tracks set to appear on it? 

Of course you do.

Here's 'Afterglow':

And here's 'I Don't Feel Like Feeling Great':

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