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Polar Bear Club Q&A

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 13 May 2009 at 14.58

Rock Sound are sponsoring the Polar Bear Club headline UK tour. We caught up with the band for a pre-jaunt pow wow.

Polar Bear Club are coming back to the UK this month on a Rock Sound-sponsored tour and currently recording their new album with Matt Bayles. Rock Sound caught up with vocalist Jimmy Stadt for a chat!

How will the new album be different from ‘Sometimes Things Just Disappear’?
“It’s a little different. ‘Sometimes Things Just Disappear’ is in that grey area between punk, hardcore and rock music, and there are still songs like that on this album. There are a few that lean towards the end of the spectrum, a couple of really hard songs, a couple of pop-punk songs and then songs in the middle bridging the gap.”

Do you have a title yet?
“Not yet. I’m looking at all the lyrics right now and we’ve talked a lot about it. The first album was about being stuck in one place and a lot of the lyrics on this album are about the exact opposite, so we’re going to see if we can work a title out of that.”

Do you have a specific songwriting process?
“Not really. The only specific is that there are no specifics. You have to stay open-minded to everything. There’s no real science or formula to it and if there was one, it would just be ‘try anything’. Most of us are based in Syracuse and Rochester, which are only an hour apart, but most of the time I live outside New York City, which is five hours away, so we communicate a lot by email and sending song files.”

This is your first album on Bridge Nine Records. How did you hook up with them?
“When we decided to be a full-time band a couple of labels expressed their interest. When we started our first substantial tour we went out and met with all of them. Some were better than others. We met with Bridge Nine and were all a bit skeptical – as the bands they work with are so different from us. Everyone was into what they had to say and it was a no-brainer decision for us to go with them. They were really straightforward and to the point about what they wanted from us and what they wanted to do for us. Sometimes that can be rare when you’re meeting with labels, so we really appreciated that and they’ve been great so far. The working relationship is awesome.”

Matt Bayles (Botch, Pearl Jam) is producing the album. How did that come about?
“He came out to see us in Seattle and was into it. We all like his stuff and didn’t think we’d end up getting him to do the album. I’m not sure we really had any concept of what level we were at, but he agreed, so we were really surprised and feel pretty fortunate to have that coming our way.”

Check Polar Bear Club, Ruiner and Defeater on the following dates:

23 - KINGSTON Peel
24 - LEEDS Slam Dunk Fest
25 - BRISTOL Croft
26 - BRIGHTON Freebutt
28 - LONDON Underworld
30 - EXETER Pheonix
01 - GLASGOW Cathouse
02 - NEWCASTLE Academy
03 - MANCHESTER Music Box
04 - NORWICH Marquee

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