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Ones To Watch 2009: The Musician Edition Part Two

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 15 December 2008 at 19.17

Fightstar, Funeral For A Friend, Bring Me The Horizon, The Wildhearts and more offer their musical tips for 2009.

This month's Rock Sound magazine features 75 bands we predict will be Ones To Watch in 2009. To compliment that audacious list we asked some friends who they think will be on top of the heap in the coming twelve months, check out their tips below:

Stoz, The Plight picks The Arteries
''We always play with them if we're in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport area. They play really melodic fast punk rock and are awesome. They're releasing their full length 'Blood, Sweat and Beers' really soon, and it's going to be fucking amazing.''

Dan Workman, Ten Kens picks Snowman
''The weather forecast calls for It's dark, it's loud and, erm, it's dark. 2009 definitely belongs to these mates from down under. They've put the snowballs back into indie rock. G'day indeed.''

Oli Sykes, Bring Me The Horizon picks YoumeatSix
''I reckon Youmeatsix are going to take over the world next year. They're already set up for it this year after selling out shows all over the country, and touring with Fall Out Boy. They're also a billion times catchier than half the pop punk bands from across the pond.''

Ginger, The Wildhearts picks Tragedy
''I think Tragedy will set the world in 2009. They will then douse the flames with melody, evacuate the building with smoldering riffs, assess the fire damage with stylish presentation and collect the insurance with pomp and majesty. Pomp, you say? Yes, that's right buddy. Pomp.''

Ryan Richards, Funeral For A Friend picks Cuba Cuba
''Any band who can make instruments like a Chinese wok and a clarinet sound rock n' roll definitely get my vote. Hideously talented and creative teenagers making music that can make you dance and think in equal measures. Their new Romesh Dodangoda produced EP is the most exciting thing I've heard in 2008 and they'll be all over 2009.''

Jay Styler, Fei Comodo picks Ghost Of A Thousand
''I bought Ghost Of A Thousand's album a few months ago and it's been played pretty much non-stop since then. I then went to see them live and thought they were amazing, so amazing in fact that it actually annoyed me!''

Kai Turmann, A Textbook Tragedy picks The Holly Springs Disaster
''Our fellow Canadians are going to take over the world with their debut full length in 09. They have an unbelievable live show and their tunes are just plain catchy. Their frontman, Mike, is memorable and captivating. He can sing and scream with the best of them. As far as heavy music goes, these guys are infectious and they really stand out. Hopefully they can get to the U.K soon to show you guys what they are all about!''

Mike Riley, Pulling Teeth picks Integrity
''I never have a clue what's coming out until about a week beforehand, but there are some exceptions from time to time. Keep an eye out for the the long awaited 'Blackest Curse' LP from the almighty Integrity, on Deathwish Records.The thing I'm most looking forward to in 2009, however, is a new president. Finally.''

Tom Lacey, Ghost Of A Thousand picks Lavotchkin
''I've been waiting fucking ages for their album and it's finally on it's way. We played a show with these dudes in Middlesborough about two years okay, and even though it was pretty shitty show they tore the place apart. They're just the most fucking ferocious band this country has at the moment, and they really need to be heard by a lot more people. We used to stay at Martin the guitarists house , and his basement has this weird pile of rags that looks just like a body lying down there. Martin denies any wrong-doings, but if that's not fucking hardcore then i don't know what is.''

Jim Norris, Failsafe picks The King Blues
''09' belongs to The King Blues. They're already kicking up a stink since the release of 'Save the Wrold, Get the Girl,' but I genuinely believe they'll be one of those bands to seriously go places in the next year. Not only are they some of the nicest guys on the planet, their live show is impressive and they have hooks big enough to land a killer whale. Itch is quite a character too, I think his lyrics are very inspirational- there's not a lot he couldn't sing about.''

Jared Piccone, Innerpartysystem picks The Gaslight Anthem
''One new band I’ve been into a lot lately is Gaslight Anthem. I haven't been able to put this album down. It's nostalgic for me in so many ways. Plus you can never go wrong taking some influence from the Boss. When I listen to "The '59 Sound" I don't know whether to cry or go buy a jean jacket.''

Adam Turla, Murder By Death picks William E Whitmore
''William Elliott Whitmore is going to have a good year. I have heard him described as having the voice of a 1000 year old black man. We have known Will for many years and people are drawn to him like moths to the flame. He sets 'em up and knocks 'em down.''

Jake Cade, Burn Down Rome picks The James Cleaver Quintet
''My pick is 'The James Cleaver Quintet'. They play progressive indie that takes influence from bands like At The Drive In and Blood Brothers, or at-least it sounds like that to me. Whether they get the recognition they deserve in 2009, I have no idea. If they get round to putting out a record It'll be one to watch for sure.''

Charlie Simpson, Fightstar picks Frightened Rabbit
''By far the best thing i have heard for about as long as i can remember is an album my brother recently showed me called 'The Midnight Organ Fight' from a Scottish indie/folk rock band called Frightened Rabbit. Every song i have heard from them is simply crammed to the brim with beautiful melodies and lyrics so poignant, they keep you thinking about what has been said long after the songs have stopped playing. There must be something in the water up in Scotland because this has got to be one of the best records i have heard since Aereogramme's debut release 'Story In White' back in 2001 which is certainly saying something! If i had to recommend a band for everyone to check out in 2009 it would most definitely be this one.''

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