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Ones To Watch 2009: The Musician Edition Part One

Andrew Kelham
Andrew Kelham 15 December 2008 at 19.24

Cancer Bats, Kids In Glass Houses, Madina Lake, Anberlin, My Ruin and more offer their musical tips for 2009.

This month's Rock Sound magazine features 75 bands we predict will be Ones To Watch in 2009. To compliment that audacious list we asked some friends who they think will be on top of the heap in the coming twelve months, check out their tips below:

Liam Cormier, Cancer Bats picks Rolo Tomassi
''I just picked up the new Rolo Tomassi and I can't say enough good things about this album. I haven't been impressed by anything coming from the "spazzier" side of music in a while. This album sounds like a cross between classic Locust, Deer Hoof, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the sound track to Castle Vania I thru IV. With each song battleing its own beautifully chaotic journey the whole album never ceases to grab your attention with its different twists and turns. 'Hysterics' is a must listen for those who remember a time when screamo and power violence sweated together in a basement amongst photo copied zines and distros. For those who don't remember those times but are seeing the light through Heavy Heavy Low Low and Enter Shakari, meet your new favorite band biatches.''

Nathan Leone, Madina Lake picks Lostprophets
'' I feel like we're at a pivotal time in music, almost as if the current trend is losing massive amounts of blood and desperate for a turnicate or abandonment. So either a handful of new bands come out of nowhere or a fantastic band that has been progressing over the years finally hits international pay dirt. On that note I'm putting my money on Lostprophets!''

Aled Philips, Kids In Glass Houses picks Haunts
''I really hope things happen for Haunts next year. They play the darkest pop you've never heard and their songs are too good to go unnoticed. If you've got a modecum of taste or sense, get involved now. Their album is back to back awesome, whether you're looking for floor filling dance rock like 'Underground' or heartbreaking bareness like 'Breaking Up'. It defies logic that they're not already the most talked about band in this country.''

Daniel Steadlur, Steadlur picks Cold
''I heard that Cold is getting back together for another album in '09 and that would be totally rad 'cause I love bands that are eclectic and dark but still have mainstream appeal; and these guys do it well.''

Eggsy, Goldie Looking Chain picks Goldie Looking Chain
''2009 is going to be massive not only due to the long awaited release of 'ASBO For Life' but also because there's going to be a massive GLC tour the length and breadth of Britain. 'ASBO For Life' is going to be the bomb, other bands will also be releasing stuff but they will not have an album called 'ASBO For Life'...keep em peeled.

Ben Varon, Amoral picks Million Dollar Beggars
''Finnish rockers Million Dollar Beggars have finally released their self-titled debut album which is fucking killer! I highly recommend this CD to anyone who likes big choruses, catchy riffs and the good ol´ 80's vibe. I really hope that 2009 will bring these guys much success, as they'd truly deserve it!''

Miss B, My Ruin picks Sanctorum
''On our 'ReligiosiTour' of the U.K. we had the opportunity to take 'Sanctorum' one of Englands finest as support on the road with us. This four headed beast hailing from the quiet town of Colchester are anything but quiet. Blending an impressive dose of blinding British heavy metal with old school thrash riffs, intricate drumming and energetic bass, Sanctorum are hard, fast and loud featuring a lead guitarist accomplished beyond his years and a charismatic frontman whose brutal vocals and driving rhythm guitars top off their live performance. We recommend Sanctorum (or 'The Snac' as we like to call them) as ones to watch in 2009 because they are a first class band who mix a youthful enthusiasm with their classic metal influences to produce a sound that is genuinely impressive and the real deal.''

Larry Soliman, My American Heart picks As Tall As Lions
''There's only one band that comes to mind that I know will put out an amazing record in 2009. I'm gonna have to go with As Tall As Lions. This band has been very inspiring and mind blowing to me. They have come a long way in a short period of time, and capture what I call Talent and Professionalism. So you should give em' a listen. Expect amazing things from this band in 2009!''

Josh Franceschi, You Me At Six picks Architects
''Architects’ new album Hollow Crown is one of the main things to watch for 2009. We were in the same studio at the same time as they were for a few days and it sounds so massive. They've really stepped it up to a whole new level. Them and Bring Me The Horizon will destroy the metal scene this year. In regards to pop punk, the return of the Fall Out Boy will create quite a stir.''

Stephen Christian, Anberlin picks Furthest Drive Home and Data Select Party
''I think two incredible bands from the UK are Furthest Drive Home & Data Select Party. We had the chance to play a few shows with them recently on our UK run and walked away being huge fans. Data Select Party remind me of a really really good Vampire Weekend meets Minus The Bear with gang vocals. Furthest Drive Home's favorite band is Journey and you can completely tell when you listen to the musical talent and song writing from this band; complete with trumpets! If these bands are not huge by the next time I get back to the UK I will be absolutely shocked. They are both unique and musically brilliant and we would love to open up for them when they are on the cover of Q and headlining Reading Festival.''

Ryan O Connor, The Audition picks The Morning Light
''There is a band called The Morning Light that are like Jacks Mannequin, they have some really good hooks and they are a really good band. i think they will do great in 2009 for sure.''

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