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Of Mice & Men On Their New Album: “We’re Writing Some Of The Heaviest Material We’ve Ever Written”

Will Cross
Will Cross 6 August 2017 at 20.32

Aaron tells all about the band's forthcoming new music on the Rock Sound Podcast.

Of Mice & Men frontman Aaron Pauley joined us on the Rock Sound Podcast to talk about the band's heavy new music and how life in the band has been since the departure of Austin Carlile...

"Expect a very energetic, invigorated album," revealed Aaron.

"We've been writing arguably some of the heaviest material that we've ever written. We absolutely love metal and doing all these heavier festivals this year - getting on stage and screaming my head off and being up there with my dudes making loud noise - means a lot of the energy and heart from that scene is going to bleed heavily into our new album."

And Aaron went into further depth on how his transition to frontman has been...

"[Stepping up as frontman] is definitely feeling more natural now. It's less me thinking about what I'm doing and more me just kind of experiencing us playing all the songs.

"It's definitely a change - some days it's difficult, some days I feel like I'm choking on my hair or I'm catching my breath. But being stuck in front of a microphone also means I get to see the crowd and interact more, I get to share more moments with people than maybe just myself, my bass and my hair!

"We're very conscious now that time is precious, you never know if it's going to be your last show - so enjoy it, enjoy the press, enjoy everything about this, because it's finite."


For more from Aaron, including more on the band's rebirth and plans to return with pyro, listen to the full interview here

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