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Oceans Ate Alaska Took Over Our Instagram Yesterday. This Is What We Learned.

Tish Hart
Tish Hart 26 February 2015 at 16.04

We let the guys in Oceans Ate Alaska take over our Instagram account yesterday while they're on their Ashes To Ashes tour in Vienna. Here's what we learned.

1. Oceans Ate Alaska love tea! Because how else do you represent Britain while being on a European tour?

Hang on, does Chris even have anything in his cup?

2. James K obviously misses his girlfriend. Just look at that intense stare. He thinks she's the guitar.

It's alright mate, you'll be home soon.

3. Fun fact: Drummer Chris is actually the world Parkour champion. (Not actually a fact).


So here's our drummer @chrisoaa hanging around on the #AshesToAshesTour in Germany! #oaa #oceansatealaska #432crew

A photo posted by rocksound (@rocksound) on

It's good to see the guys HANGING OUT between shows. Heh. We'll see ourselves out...

4. OAA's selfie game is STRONG. Do you know how hard it is to fit that many people in a front-camera shot?! 


PRE-SHOW SELFIE!!! #ashestoashestour #oceansatealaska #oaa #432crew

A photo posted by rocksound (@rocksound) on

This might not break the internet, but it was a good effort.

5. They really love pulling faces. Mike looks like he just remembered he left the cat in the washing machine.


Sometimes @mikeoaa pulls stupid faces on stage! #AshesToAshesTour #OceansAteAlaska #OAA #432Crew

A photo posted by rocksound (@rocksound) on

"Guys, I did a bad thing..."

Well, that was pretty insightful, wasn't it? If you liked it (obviously you did) let us know on Twitter / Facebook / by email who we should let take over our Instagram account next.

If you're desperate to know more about Oceans Ate Alaska, make sure to pick up your issue of Rock Sound 197 right now. They have a big ol' page in our Exposure section (here's a little sneak peek of what that's all about here). You can download the issue right noworder a copy straight to your door (we ship worldwide!) or you can pick it up in all good UK stores. 

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