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Norma Jean - Five Reasons To Be Excited

Ben Patashnik
Ben Patashnik 29 September 2010 at 15.12

Hardcore legends and all-round heroic dudes Norma Jean are about to tear the UK all sorts of new orifices on the Rock Sound Presents… Powered By Fender tour alongside Architects, Devil Sold His Soul and Lower Than Atlantis. If you’re even wavering a teeny bit over whether or not to go, read on…

1. They are truly brutal
Nowadays, everyone’s in a hardcore band, and extreme music has never been more readily accepted by people who, 10 years ago, would have probably beaten the shit out of you for having a black fringe. Norma Jean, though, still manage to sound almost unbearably heavy, and that’s because rather than just finding the nastiest guitar sound and cranking out the chords, they take the time to work out the best way to jolt the listener into going, ‘Damn, this slays.’

2. Hardcore needs a kick up the arse from the old guard
Even though they’ve been around less than a decade, NJ are seen as scene veterans. That’s in part because they arguably continued the lineage of legends Botch and so were always considered as slightly removed from the pack, but it’s mainly because with every single record they’ve shown they can still come up with new ways to make hardcore sound interesting. It’s not like they’re saviours of an entire genre, more of a reliable voice to cite when some douche goes, ‘Hardcore is just sooooooo dull these days.’

3. After all these years they just put out perhaps their best album

‘Meridional’, which recently received a deserved 8/10 from this here magazine, is the summation of their entire existence thus far. It’s not like they simply knuckled down and wrote some good songs, more like they’ve taken all the touring, all the good and bad things that have happened to them and everything they’ve learned and squeezed it into an album. Of course, this is a pretty laborious way of saying ‘‘Meridional’ is one of the best albums we’ve heard all year’, but it doesn’t hurt to spell things out now and then, does it?

4. You won’t get the chance to see them again for ages
It’s an understatement to say they don’t tour the UK very much; frankly, if you miss this tour then it’ll probably 2030 before they return to mainland Europe and then we’ll all have to watch them on our hyperspeed iPhone 13s. Norma Jean shows are very, very special occasions indeed – not just because they shred balls, as we’ve said already – but because you know that this is it, this is your once chance for the foreseeable future to just go nuts to some awesome music.

5. They aren’t going to preach to you
Granted, they’re Christians and they’re in a band, so for some idiots that makes them a Christian band who shouldn’t be listened to because religion’s bad, man. But they’ve been forthright on their open-minded stance and if you write them off because of their personal beliefs then that’s just petty.

There's still time to buy tickets for the tour - Manchester and London are sold out, so hurry up and click here to get some...

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