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Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Ice Nine Kills’ Album ‘The Silver Scream’ With Spencer Charnas

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 30 October 2018 at 15.58

It's the most on-brand Halloween album of the year. And there's so much you don't know.

Ice Nine Kills' spooky, horror movie-themed magnum opus album 'The Silver Scream' is the perfect sountrack to your Halloween. But there's more than meets the eye here. So much so that we asked Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas to talk us through nine things that you don't know about 'The Silver Scream'. 

01. Some vocals on our song 'The American Nightmare' were recorded on the same property as the house used in the A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise. The house number from the movie, 1428, is actually the house number in real life, although the street it’s on is not actually Elm St., but rather North Genessee Avenue in Los Angeles.

02. The line “you can’t kill the boogeyman” from our song 'Stabbing In The Dark' was recorded on the property of the original Michael Myers house from Halloween. The house is located in South Pasadena California, and is now an insurance agency- so not quite as terrifying as its original purpose. We hosted a pre-album release party for ‘The Silver Scream’ right behind the house.

3. 'The Silver Scream' features some really cool and unexpected guest stars from my early pop-punk and ska influences: Buddy and JR. from Less Than Jake play the horns on 'IT Is The End', Will from Fenix TX lends his vocals to the same song, Randy from Finch plays guitar on 'The Jig Is Up' and Tony from MEST sings on 'The World In My Hands'.

04. A majority of the album was recorded at Drew Fulk’s studio in West Hollywood, but some vocals were tracked at The Square Studio by Steve Sopchak in Syracuse, NY. Some background and layered gang vocals were also recorded on our tour bus this Summer during our stint on the last Warped Tour ever.

05. Jeremy Schwartz who co founded Ice Nine Kills with me in 2000 appears for the first time on one of our records since 2008. He sings and co wrote 'Rocking The Boat' with us.

06. The actress Chelsea Talmadge who plays Carol on the hit TV show Stranger Things portrays the part of the nurse on the bridge of 'Love Bites'.

07. Joe Occhiuti from the highly underrated (now defunct band) The Venetia Fair co wrote and plays piano on the end of 'Thank God It’s Friday'.

08. The artist responsible for the album artwork for ‘The Silver Scream’ is Mike Cortada. He has designed pretty much every single album art layout that A Day To Remember has ever released.

09. 'The Silver Scream' may end up with a sequel…

Listen to Ice Nine Kills' 'The Silver Scream' below:

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