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Neck Deep On Working With Sam Carter: “We Needed To Look Outside The Pop-Punk Genre”

Will Cross
Will Cross 5 August 2017 at 16.57

Ben and Fil reveal what inspired their collaboration with Sam Carter on The Rock Sound Podcast.

Rock Sound cover stars Neck Deep's Ben Barlow and Fil Thorpe-Evans spoke to the Rock Sound Podcast about new album 'The Peace And The Panic' and working with Architects frontman Sam Carter on 'Don't Wait'.

"I think Sam saw it the same way we did, we didn't want to just put another pop-punk vocalist on there for the sake of there being a guest part," revealed Ben.

"Like, no fucking weirdness, but I could've just sung the same part. If we were going to have a guest spot it had to be something that added to the song and make it unique, and to do that, we might need to look outside the pop-punk genre.

"'Some screaming vocals would sound awesome here...', who's the best vocalist you can think of? Sam Carter.

"British metal band, British pop-punk band - it's a cool crossover, and Sam said the same thing. He thought it was cool because it was something different, it's not just him featuring on a metal track. It adds something."

And on the rest of 'The Peace And The Panic'...

"I feel like 'Life's Not Out To Get You' is an album that you can just bang on and think it's catchy from the first play," says Fil. "This one's definitely the grower, it takes a second to really take it in but when you do, I feel like you'll connect to it so much harder."

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