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Rock Sound 13 February 2012 at 12.48

Video premiere for ‘TB Positive’ introduced by Narrows’ frontman Dave Verellen!

"Well here is 'TB Positive', the third track we’ve released to get you interested in checking out our upcoming LP 'Painted'. Thanks for taking the time, I gotta say this was a very difficult and stressful record but I know we are very proud of it. I’m happy that we get the opportunity to create and release music and I’m also grateful that folks are interested in the origin, content, lyrics, feelings and so forth. But I generally let the songs speak for themselves. To be honest I enjoy thinking that someone might adapt a song to their own experiences and feelings and love it for that reason. So I’m leaving my soap box out of it.

Speaking of soap boxes....

The US federal government has passed legislation that would require insurance carriers to provide some form of covered contraception to their accounts, including churches. Many are enraged, and demanding that the government can’t force these rules upon them. They want the State to stay out of their Church.

Same Sex Marriages have finally been legalized in my home state of Washington. The opposition has already begun a campaign, similar to California’s recent No on Prop 8, to repeal that Right. Many are enraged, and demanding that religious groups can’t force these rules upon them. They want the Church to stay our of their State. I agree. Let people in love get married and give your kids condoms, they are gonna do it anyway.

Thanks to our own illegal alien, Jodie Cox for putting this video together."

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