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My Passion Album Artwork Exclusive

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 24 February 2011 at 14.30

Get your first look at the cover for ‘Inside This Machine’ as Laurence René talks to Rock Sound about the band’s new record deal.

Yesterday My Passion announced that Spinefarm Records will be releasing their second album ‘Inside This Machine’ (you can take an exclusive first look at the artwork by looking either right or below this text) and put to end months of speculation about their future plans.

With contracts signed and launch date confirmed the band can now count Rammstein as labelmates and legitimately call themselves a major label concern (Spinefarm is a subsidiary of Universal), a leap so incredible that we tapped up former RS coverstar Laurence René to find out more about the decision and the path that led to it. Scroll past the cover for the chat...


So what took so long, the album is nearly a year old and only just getting released?
“We originally planned to have this record out in October but we had captured something so good that it deserved hanging on to for a while so we could get it out in the right way. We didn’t want to throw it out and have it lost or forgotten but we also didn’t want to rush into anything with a label as we’ve always been a band with our own agenda, so we had to make sure it was right for us. We are inside the big machine now, but we still get to own all our art so we are happy with the deal we came to in the end, it was worth the wait.”

Was there other interest?
“There were a few options we looked at but there weren’t millions of labels knocking on our door, I just don’t think that happens anymore, especially for a bunch of weirdos like us. Staying independent in terms of our merchandise and live performance was important for us and for Spinefarm to come in and get behind our album on a licensing deal with just a couple of options afterwards is kinda unheard of in the industry these days. Most times now a label will come in and want a deal that takes something from everything you do, when the Spinefarm discussion started it was great as we got to keep what was important to us while getting support where we needed it so we didn’t have to keep struggling along on our own.”

Did it get frustrating at any point while you were waiting for the contract to be finalised?
“Yeah we were in a state of limbo for a while and fans would be asking us where the album was as we were still waiting for things to be confirmed behind the scenes. There were moments after October when we did feel the pinch, it was so uncertain for a time and we just wanted to get the album.”

How was the album artwork made?
“It was designed by me and my dad, a real DIY operation! Basically we had the globe made and then my dad Ken built up all the cogs around the heart that lights up in the middle. We used that as a centrepiece, our mate Ian Collins then photographed it and we designed around it. On iTunes there will be a downloadable pack of artwork so people can enjoy the images and get the lyrics that go alongside the cover.”

How long did it take for you and Ken to build the world?
“A long time funnily enough, certainly more than a day! It was a bit of father-son bonding in the workshop as we built it. We did it because we didn’t want something on the cover that was replicated somewhere else, we could easily have pieced a cover together from designs or images that were already out there but we wanted to have something on the front of our album that no one else had. It was a good project, a lot of fun and rewarding to make something to visually represent our album.”

Nice, finally how much is the gold paint budget for the tour in April?
“A lot. It’s getting expensive already, and messy. On the last tour we spent a bit on lighting but I think this time round the money will just be going on lighting us. Our manager is the bargain hunter of the gang so I think he’s haggled us a deal as we’re going to be buying gallons of gold paint. We are actually going to sell gig packs so fans can get kitted out and painted up before they come to the show, it’s going to be havoc when our golden army start appearing! Maybe they can do a bit of street entertaining before they come in to the gig and earn some of their ticket money back, who knows what will happen.”

My Passion will be headlining the following UK dates, tickets available by clicking here.

21 - BRISTOL O2 Academy 2
22 - BIRMINGHAM HMV Institute
23 - GLASGOW The Arches
24 - LEEDS Cockpit
25 - MANCHESTER Sound Control, £9
26 - NEWCASTLE O2 Academy 2
28 - BRIGHTON Coalition
29 - LONDON Islington O2 Academy
06 - DUBLIN O2 Academy 2
07 - BELFAST Speakeasy

'Inside This Machine' will be released on April 18.

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