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Mike Shinoda On New Music: “I Wanted To Put This Out As Soon As Possible Because I’m Living It…”

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 26 January 2018 at 10.27

Mike took to Twitter for a Q&A about his new EP, 'Post Traumatic', his experiences creating it, and the future of Linkin Park, among other things. Here's what we learned.

Mike Shinoda released a new EP yesterday, 'Post Traumatic'.

Each song was accompanied by its own video, created by Mike. You can check them out here:

After the release, Mike answered questions about his EP on Twitter. Here's what he said about the songs, potential collaborations, and his experiences returning to the studio - as well as the future of Linkin Park.

On the Linkin Park family:



On his experiences going back into the studio:



On whether he'll play songs from 'Post Traumatic' live:



On how he created the EP:

On Linkin Park's tribute show, in honour of Chester Bennington's life:


On sharing the songs from 'Post Traumatic':



On future music:

On 'Looking For An Answer':



On his three new videos, and how he's currently creating:




On possible collaborations:


On working through grief:


On the future of Linkin Park:


On whether he'll release instrumental versions of his new songs:



Head here for more on 'Post Traumatic'.

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