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Meet The Bands Playing The Rock Sound Breakout Stage At Slam Dunk Festival

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 27 May 2017 at 19.38

Hitting Slam Dunk Festival this weekend? Us too! And we have a stage at this year's festival that's full to the very top with some of the best new bands on the planet.

This is your guide to The Rock Sound Breakout Stage.

SYLAR (ON STAGE: 19:00-19:30)
It's metalcore - we get it - but the way this band marries hardcore and metal is so fresh it feels like another genre entirely. Jayden Panesso - who filled in vocals for Attila back in 2015 - screams like a man posessed at times, while the soaring clean vocals that litter their songs lift Sylar to something more than the sum of their parts. And that's truly exciting.

'Assume' is below.

Three parts feelings, two parts gigantic hooks and one part frontman Sam Little's imperious voice, the South Coast boys have an album on the way through Rise Records and are one of British rock's very brightest new hopes.

They just recorded their debut album 'Always Lose' with UK uber-producer Romesh Dogangoda, so if you've missed out on The Gospel Youth so far, it's time to catch up.

OCEAN GROVE (ON STAGE: 20:50-21:20)
Time to get weird. Like, real weird. Nu metal. Hardcore. Metalcore. Aussie crew Ocean Grove throw it all (and whatever else they care to include) into the mix to form their unchained, indefinable, unholy take on heavy music, and it's spectacular.

Introduce yourself to Odd World music with their video for 'Intimate Alien'. See you in the pit.

VUKOVI (ON STAGE: 15:20-15:50)
Who said rock music had got boring? This Scotland crew twist and turn music into something fresh, catchy and mind-bending, no more so than on their self-titled debut album. Come down and soak up the riffs, hooks and thumping live show.

Soak up the riffs, hooks and weird with 'La Di Da'.

AREA 11 (ON STAGE: 18:05-18:35)
Meet another young, British band that's not afraid to do things differently. Rather than jumping in the van and hoping against hope that somebody, somewhere cared, they built their own community online and created something brave, bold and wholesome in the process.

Pulling from genre-hopping peers like Enter Shikari and The One Hundred, the music ain't too shabby either. Witness the Bristol boys' video for 'Versus' below.

HOMEBOUND (ON STAGE: 17:10-17:40)
Meet the most UK pop-punk band in the history of UK pop-punk. Chunky, angsty and unmistakeably British, they marry super-slick production with big, big songs that are tailor-made for crowdsurfers and finger-pointing.

Sound like your sort of thing? Yeah, us too. Get the scoop on Homebound right here.

MAKEOUT (ON STAGE: 16:15-16:45)
Having formed from the technicolour ashes of Trophy Wives (who combined the best of both the heavy and lighter sides of pop-punk into something truly awesome, FWIW) and played their first ever shows with Blink-182, these guys are worth your undivided attention.

Makeout may only have about 15 seconds of new music out there at the time of writing, but you'll be hearing this name a lot over the next few months. Get on board early.

CASEY (ON STAGE: 14:25-14:55)
Feelings upon feelings upon feelings upon even more feelings. You know the drill. These South Wales lads offer the desperate, furious yin to pop-punk's yang. Dive into their dark, brooding hardcore on debut full-length 'Love Is Not Enough' and prepare for what's certain to be an intense trio of Slam Dunk sets.

Check out all of these bands, plus our three local openers at Slam Dunk Festival 2017!


28 - SLAM DUNK NORTH - LEEDS City Centre

And the full Slam Dunk Festival line-up is below.

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