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Me Vs Hero

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 13 December 2010 at 10.22

Irrepressibly perky pop-punkers out to put the ‘fun’ back into ‘fundamentally catchy’

You can't have failed to notice Me Vs Hero's ascent in the UK scene over the past few years. Through a combination of hard work, the use of a lot of bright colours and, of course, playing pop-punk that sounds like fun boiled down and turned into soundwaves they've deservedly won themselves boatloads of fans.

Sitting firmly within the raft of bands in the lineage of the likes of New Found Glory, Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy, MvH are on a mission to bring the smiles back to music. Want to moan about not being liked by a girl or boy? Fuck it, slam down some energy drink and run around in circles listening to choruses. Trust us, it helps.

Plus, next year our money's on them getting even bigger and no one wants to be The Guy Or Girl Who Didn't Get Into A Band When They Had The Chance And Then They Got Really Big, so take our advice: scroll down, listen to the new record and read our interview with frontman Sam.

Introduce yourselves: who's in the band and what do you do?
"Hi I'm Sam I'm the singer in Me Vs Hero, we've got Oli on drums, Mike plays bass and Ross and Bob both play guitar."

When was your first gig and what was it like?
"If my memory is right our first ever gig was in Blackpool at an alright DIY venue called Riffs. One of our good pals Mark from Lab Records put us on back when he was doing promotions. It was a huge buzz for all of us, we'd all been away from gigging and out of bands for so long, we really realised what we had missed."

Name three albums that made you want to be in a band...
"I was a huge Green Day fan back when I was younger, so listening to 'Dookie' was a huge influence on my life. Then Blink came along and I couldn't stop listening to their self-titled album over and over again. Fall Out Boy's 'Take This To Your Grave' had a huge impact on me as well, it was the first album I'd heard where I could listen to and enjoy every single song on it, not just a few hits, plus Patrick's voice made me scream like an 8-year-old girl."

When was the point you realised being in a band wasn't just something fun to do but a viable way to spend your life?
"Ever since I joined my first band (coincidentally with Mike, we used used to practise in his garage; we were terrible!) I had aspirations of making band life my career. Eight years on I'm still trying to get there, but we seem to have something good going with MvH so hopefully it pays off and the dream becomes a reality."

How do you want people to feel during an MvH show?
"I want people to feel like after downing 10 cans of monster, they realise its a magical Christmas morning with presents stacked up as high as the roof, except they can't see the presents because they are sky diving, passing through rainbows and shooting stars, landing in a colossal tub of jelly that turns into their favourite animal, that they get to keep as a pet, because they also have the winning lottery ticket in their hand and its a quadrupole triple roll over! Something along those lines..."

What's the biggest argument you've had as a band?
"We spend a lot of time together on tour, but we're surprising pleasant to each other and get on really well. We're like a band of brothers, we probably argue more when we're not on tour than when we are. However, I do remember one time with myself and Oli, we had been out after a gig in Leeds, got insanely drunk, and as far as I can make out we didn't actually argue about anything in particular, we just argued like crazy for no reason, shouting, screaming and threatening until we grabbed our quilts and went our separate ways for the night. Brotherly love."

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