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Man Overboard

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Rock Sound 28 March 2011 at 09.53

Brilliantly uplifting pop-punk - which is just as it should be. 

Is it just us or is pop-punk, like, brilliant right now? Maybe it's a reaction to metalcore's ubiquity but it seems like you can't move for crews of dudes in backwards caps who just want to have fun - New Jersey's Man Overboard are yet another example of a genre going through something of a purple patch.

And why not? It's not like the genre has stagnated - since the likes of New Found Glory it's arguable that pop-punk is the style of music that's been most progressive in terms of how it's been twisted and moulded over the past decade or so. But Man Overboard are - and we mean this in the best way possible - kicking it old-school. We're streaming a couple of tunes below, and here's a chat with guitarist Justin Collier.

When did Man Overboard start? And when did it go from something fun you did with your friends to something that monopolised your life?
"Man Overboard started in Summer 2008 but really got off the ground after some DIY touring and signing to Run For Cover Records. After a crazy 2010 (which consisted of non-stop touring and more than a handful of releases) we signed with Rise Records and are starting off 2011 with a new seven-inch ‘The Absolute Worst’ and touring with Senses Fail and The Wonder Years respectively."

What was your first tour like?
"Our first tour was with The Wonder Years and Transit. This was before Transit or Man Overboard were signed to any label. Little did we realise back then that we would both sign to Run For Cover and then both sign to Rise Records..."
Man Overboard - 'Girls' by RockSoundMagazine

What’s the band’s process for writing songs?
"Zac [Eiestenstein] and Nik [Bruzzese] are the principle songwriters of the band. Nik has his own studio so we spend a lot of time in there demoing songs before we go to the studio to record the actual release."

When you’re playing a show what are your criteria for calling it a good or a bad one?
"The main factor for a 'good show' is just if everyone in the band and crowd are having a good time. We have played good shows where no one has ever heard us before but are into and played amazing shows where everyone is singing along to every word."

What do your parents think of Man Overboard? And how do you describe what you do to family members you don’t see very often?
"My parents love to come see us play and are siked that we get to play all over the globe and they didn’t get to do a ton of travelling when they were younger. Most of my family knows what I do so it’s never an issue but I tell people we are a travelling soccer team."

What’s the worst thing about being in Man Overboard? And the best?
"Worst thing is being away from my girlfriend, friends and family but its also amazing to play music everyday and see the world. You have to give to take."
Man Overboard - 'I Saw Behemoth And It Ruled' by RockSoundMagazine

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