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Madina Lake Are Free Agents

Andrew Kelham
Andrew Kelham 26 April 2010 at 20.12

Madina Lake have been dropped by Roadrunner Records but the band tell Rock Sound their future is brighter than ever!

Madina Lake have spoken to Rock Sound recently to confirm that they are free agents after being dropped by Roadrunner Records nearly six months ago as they continued to support their second album 'Attics To Eden'.

"When bands get dropped they usually come out and say they are free and out from under the thumb of 'the man' who's been holding them back," singer Nathan Leone remarked to Rock Sound. "They then continue on with how they're writing their best material to date and it'll come out soon on their own label. Then usually after they write that statement they turn around and blow their heads off! Truth is, it's a tricky business and only getting trickier.

For some bands like Gallows, that statement it's completely true as they're an animal you can't cage up into a major label deal and huge respect to them for that. For us, it was initially shocking but fortunately the developments since have us in a really good place. We were treated like kings at Roadrunner and now we're on cloud nine so there's really nothing to regret."

When asked what happened Leone was diplomatic yet honest.

"Roadrunner was fantastic to us, especially in the UK where they continue to do amazing work supporting our band and the release" he continued. "They're a passionate label and they really pushed for our band so we're very grateful. At some point, however, during the 'Attics To Eden' cycle in the USA things started to go wrong. It was bizarre, hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on having big-name producers do remix after remix of 'Let's Get Outta Here' for US radio, the original version was picking up steam in the UK but for some reason I think they were chasing that 3OH!3, Metro Station-type pop sound for the US. We didn't get it but we said let us tour and you all can do whatever you want.

We shot a video for the song in the UK and headed out on Warped Tour. Unbeknownst to us they gathered a whole crew of actors and re-filmed the storyboard of the original video in LA. So now we had two videos and about 1,029,039,000 different remix versions of the song from the 'it' producers of the moment and after all that money and effort they didn't even go to radio or TV with the song."

Eventually, all the spending caught up with the label and Madina Lake were released from their contractual obligations.

"At the end of the day it's a numbers game and, here comes another cliche, we amicably parted ways. For Roadrunner it made sense fiscally to let us go and use 'Attics...' as a write off. They must have spent a million dollars on stuff they never used, for us we're lucky because we've had a decent amount of success in a lot of places and built up a strong foundation. We are starting to get a lot of heat from other labels so it's all good. We should have a new home soon and in the meantime we're putting together an EP called 'Dresden Codex' and releasing it with Pledge Music which is amazing."

The proceeds from the release will go towards the breast cancer awareness organisation Keep-A-Breast, for more on the EP head to

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