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Lynn Gunn On PVRIS’ Return To The UK: “It’s Going To Be Awesome To Be Back”

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 27 August 2019 at 11.15

Exciting times - PVRIS are heading back to the UK for some headline shows!

PVRIS haven't even had a chance to leave the UK yet, following their appearances at Reading & Leeds Festival this weekend, but that hasn't stopped them from announcing when we can expect them back in the country!

This morning PVRIS announced a short run of intimate shows across the UK and Europe - their first UK headline shows in over two years. Rock Sound caught up with frontwoman Lynn Gunn backstage at Reading Festival about her excitement to bring the new era of PVRIS to the UK.

How is being properly back?
Says Lynn: “It feels really good. The first couple of festivals and shows were slightly terrifying, but things are getting better so it’s good!”

How has it been working with more cowriters and a more varied group of people on these new songs? It must be pretty different compared to shutting yourself away to write...
“It’s been really fun. It’s really a test creatively and you kind of just have to learn to let loose every day. You have to be fully vulnerable but not attached to what you’re working on, and be open to sharing with other people. I’m very protective with ideas sometimes - sometimes to a fault where I’ll just not want to do something because I didn’t like their vibe or something, but in those moments I usually know and I’ll just kind of put on a little defence.”

And you’re coming back to the UK for some headline shows, finally!
“It’s going to be awesome to be back. It feels great to be back right now and we’re excited to see how everything translates over here.”

It feels like even from the beginning the UK picked up on you very quickly...
“So fast. I’m grateful that it’s continuing. It always feels really good.”

And what else can you tell us about the EP that’s coming out on October 25?
“We’re still brainstorming ideas for it. The songs are done... The artwork, we’re trying to do two more videos for it, and the title is not done yet. It’s going to lead into the record, so we’re trying to see if we want to have them segue into each other.”

PVRIS are set to release their brand new EP on October 25, through Warner Bros Records. 

Check out the full list of tour dates below:


24 - PARIS



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