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Rock Sound
Rock Sound 10 June 2013 at 14.00

Rock Sound streams ‘And So We Shall Never Part’, the debut album by Losers, for one day only!


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Greater than the sum of its parts, and these parts are pretty impressive. Main voice and guitar, Paul, was the soaring vocal fronting YourCodeNameIs:Milo. Supporting voice and guitar, Tom, was the noisenik and music maker behind probably the most under-rated band of the noughties, The Cooper Temple Clause. Drummer, Dean is acknowledged as one of the greatest in the game for his work with Bloc Party side project, Young Legionnaire. Backing voice and bass, Eddy, is a DJ that’s been name-checked by The Prodigy, Pendulum and Kasabian.

Their debut album in this incarnation, 'And So We Shall Never Part' is a brutally honest record that took three years to make. It’s an emotionally searing and sonically epic piece of work. There is a theme running through the songs, of hurting those that are closest to you. It’s a powerful backbone that underpins an emotional album that's had plaudits from some of Losers biggest heroes. "An aural gift" from a "great band" said DJ Shadow, while the living legend Gary Numan said "it's inspiring to say the least" and told Mark Radcliffe as much on BBC 6 Music last week. US TV programmers love Losers and have placed their music in shows as diverse as CSI, Chuck, Bones and the new Michael Bay produced series Black Sails, that hasn't even finished shooting yet.

They even had a song used as an official tune at The London Olympics, and all this before they've released anything from this album.

Losers have now launched a Pledge Music campaign that will see their album released direct to their fans and followers this autumn. As part of the campaign, anyone who pledges before 2pm tomorrow on automatically be entered into a competition that will give fans a chance to interact with the band in a more meaningful way. From a guitar lesson with string maestro, Paul, to production tips from ProTools wizard Tom, to a cooking lesson and wine appreciation evening at foodaholic and sometime restaurant blogger eddy's place. Fans don't have to get involved this deeply but the door is open if they wish to. Alternatively one can simply pledge to download this album and/or the remixed version of it with exclusive calligraphy by Goldie, and all this helps raise the funds needed for the band to tour the UK with Gary Numan, as his support, at his personal request.

To find out more about the band's Pledge campaign visit The competition winners will be announced on June 17.

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