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Long Lost

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Rock Sound 15 July 2013 at 10.54

Say hello to our new Band Of The Week, Long Lost. Stream the track ‘Wild Hearts’ RIGHT NOW!

Featuring Transit's Joe Boynton, Long Lost are a perfect accompaniment to this ridiculously lovely weather we're having at the moment, so we've hooked up an exclusive track stream for you to crank up in the heat. Have a listen to 'Wild Hearts' below!

Speaking of the track, Joe has said:

"Wild Hearts is a concept/story song about a young boy from a nowhere town. After years of living with an abusive farther the boy decides to shoot his old man in the back while driving with him out to the desert . The lyrics to the song are the actual thoughts running through the boys mind as he prepares to do the unthinkable.

“You've got your hand on the wheel
I got your gun by my side

I tried to make an honest man of you

I tried and I tried

But you know how all of those sleeping dogs will lie

I'll put you down,

Tonight will be the end of you.”

-Joseph Boynton
Long Lost – Save Yourself, Start Again"

Err.... lovely!

The band's new album 'Save Yourself, Start Again' is out August 06 through No Sleep. Go give 'em a like on their Facebook page while you're at it!

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