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Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 22 February 2017 at 15.55

'Pleasantries'. Here.

Today, we've teamed up with Decade to stream their vulnerable, savvy, catchy-as-fuck new album, 'Pleasantries'.

Dive in.

Into it? Need a little convincing? Either way, allow Alex Sears and Connor Fathers to take you through the whole album, track by track.

The record opens with 'Human Being', a song about the human condition; how we are all born curious, a little bit weird and unpredictable, and sometimes we’ll say and do things that we don’t really mean, but of course that’s what it means to be human. We can be so radically different on an individual level yet we all have these basic traits in common.

'Daisy May' is about that one person you can’t get out of your head, no matter what you try. Whether it’s someone that you love or someone that deeply wronged you, you still can’t stop thinking of them and it pretty much swallows you whole.

'Turn Off Your TV' is loosely based on how technology has come to shape our lives in the information age and how obsessed people can be with it. There are all these great places to go and things to experience yet we allow ourselves to sit indoors and procrastinate on an unhealthy level, mindlessly binging TV shows and scrolling through social media. We are all guilty of this on some level.

'Anaemia' is about an episode in my life when I was diagnosed with a hole in my heart, along with a heart murmur. I can actually remember having all the blood tests then going home and watching FRIENDS and thinking, ‘I had better enjoy this episode because I could be dead soon’ - I was very dramatic at 14! Not much has changed.

'Wasted' is about attempting to deal with your problems through drink and substance abuse. Not knowing where your life is going and what your purpose is when you reach adulthood must affect almost everyone at some point, and drinking or using to forget is all too common; I see it in a lot of my friends.

You have to confront your problems head on, but sometimes it’s easier to get fucked up with your mates and forget all about it. This is admittedly a pretty enjoyable short term fix but in the end you have to look inwards and figure out why you’re acting this way and how you can fix yourself.

'Sunbeam' is the filling of a narrative sandwich (5. Wasted, 6. Sunbeam, 7. Brand New Again) and is about the people/person that is there for you when you’re at your lowest. It’s about accepting the mistakes you’ve made in the past, accepting that you cannot change them, but also looking forward and getting your shit together with the help of those around you.

'Brand New Again' is about that feeling when you’ve hit rock bottom and there’s nowhere left to go, then the sudden motivation to change hits you and you know it’s all uphill from thereon out. It’s about telling yourself that you’re no longer that person from before and that you’re ready to rid yourself of all the bad vibes in your life. It’s a cathartic song for me personally and it’s about keeping your chin up and looking forward to the future rather than dreading it.

'Peach Milk' is about falling so hopelessly in love with someone that it can almost be dangerous, like you would do anything for them without consequence. The hook ‘drag me to the sea, hold me underneath’ is almost me saying that I am drowning in that overwhelming feeling of being with someone that you care about that much, and knowing that you could potentially ruin it because of the way you tend to be as a person.

'Can’t Figure You Out' is a song about the way we interact as human beings; how somebody can seem so mysterious until you get to know them. You find yourself wondering what they are thinking about and hoping that it’s you.

It’s strange because when you meet someone new, all you want is to know everything about them, and that air of mystery and intrigue is often overlooked in a hurry to feel comfortable, which is weird to me because that early stage is probably the most exciting part of a relationship.

'Geist' is about being bored and thinking about the past, like when you go to bed and suddenly your brain is like ‘Hey! Remember that dumb thing you did 12 years ago? How embarrassing was THAT.’ The hook ‘Alice, what’re you waiting for? Come around when I am bored’ is about that moment you’re laying in bed with nothing to distract you and the negative thoughts start creeping in.

The record comes to a close with 'Capsules', a song about everybody’s favourite subject; existential dread. It attempts to deal with those feelings of hopelessness when you don’t know why you are where you are or what your purpose is in the grand scheme.

"I’ll never get this right, and fucking everything up makes me feel alive" is about how life is just a series of trials and errors and that making mistakes is inevitable but will ultimately teach you the biggest lessons. We must use our experiences of failure and bad judgement to help us grow.

'Pleasantries' is out on Friday (February 24) through Rude Records, and you can catch the band on tour with Big Spring and Wallflower next month.


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