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Listen To The Debut Album From Rise Records’ Blindwish

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 31 August 2017 at 10.55

Today, we're stoked to be bringing you a full album stream and track-by-track guide to 'Good Excuses' - the new album from Rise Records' Blindwish.

The whole thing has echoes of early-'00s post-hardcore and goes hard, and you can listen to the full album below!

The album is out tomorrow (September 01) via Rise Records. Scroll down to read the band's track-by-track guide to the album.

"This song is about not being sure why you do things, and how it effects the ones you love. In the music video of this song, we give the example of ignoring your significant other for no good reason, and how it makes them feel and the consequences of that." 

"Every relationship eventually becomes bittersweet. In the beginning it's all sweet and everything's great. In the end it's always bitter and everything's awful, but it doesn't just go from sweet to bitter over night. There's an in between (bittersweet), and as the song says, there's a point when the relationship is bittersweet where the sweet half fades away and all your left with is a bitter taste in your mouth."

"This song actually has exactly what it means right in the chorus, "I don't want my whole life confined to a single word". No one wants to be just one thing, and no one certainly wants to be confined to anything. I'm the vocalist of this band, but I'm also a songwriter, a guitarist, a pianist, I own a company that's on Warped Tour every year. Everyone has so much more to offer than one thing, don't let anyone confine you to a single word!"

"This song is about a singular person that was in my life a few years ago. They were difficult to work with and did everything they could to still work with me but also do nothing for me, hence the chorus "I'll always be the one you fought to lose". No one likes getting the cold shoulder, don't let it happen to you."

05. 'DOWN'
"This is my favorite song on the album. It's an introspective look at how I handle personal situations, and how people perceive them. It's looking at the choices I make and how it makes people I love feel. The reason I love this song so much is because it's very personal to me, but everyone who listens can relate as well and there's no better feeling than knowing you're not alone in the way you feel; that you're not crazy."

"Everyone has fake friends. Not everyone realizes that their friends are fake. It shouldn't be so hard to figure out who your real friends and fake friends are, but everyone has difficulty."

"Toxic relationships can only be described as infections. A lot of people have a hard time accepting that the person they love is bad for them, but eventually the infection becomes so bad that they cure themselves. This song explores those feelings."

"No, that's not a typo. It's supposed to say "nots". It's a feeling that your stomach is messed up by all the fake people, fake agendas, the "nots". It's about the people that are in bad situations and will complain about it all the time, but will do absolutely nothing to get themselves out of it."

09. 'THE MAZE'
"This is about my personal struggle with getting my life where I want it to be. Everyone has things in their life that they want to change or wish they could be better. I'm extremely hard on myself when I don't do as well as I think I should or could, as are a lot of people. Sometimes I lose myself in this feeling and don't even know where I go or where I've been. It's hard to know if people like me that feel this way will ever not feel this way because this is just who we are. But the song leaves on a positive note that I'm getting better and I hope everyone else that feels this way can get better as well."

10. 'ECHO'
"When someone used to mean a lot to you, and now they mean nothing. They become an echo in your life. You can't see them, you can't feel them, but they'll always be there in an intangible way. They're not always on your mind but every now and then they bounce back like an echo."

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