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Life Off Tour With Motionless In White Vocalist Chris Cerulli

Lucy Goodwin
Lucy Goodwin 8 February 2013 at 15.27

He loves films and his friends but he HATES social networks. Welcome to Chris Cerulli’s world…


Motionless In White frontman Chris Cerulli is a man of modest pleasures. When he's not screaming profanities and causing controversies on stages across the globe Rock Sound recently found out that the Pennsylvanian likes nothing more than a trip to the nearest DIY shop. Honest. Want to know what else Chris Motionless does when not on tour, read on...

Where is home? What’s it like?
"We are from Scranton, Pennsylvania. It’s a small city and a lot of people there in the music scene have a lot of bad attitudes, but fortunately we’re not stuck there too often. As far as a place to live, I like it, there’s a few other places in the world I’d like to live more but it’s home, it is what it is."

Do you have any brothers or sisters? What do they do?
"Yes, I have one brother and one sister. My brother works for my father, he has his own business and my sister is a student."

So far in your life, what’s been your second favourite job aside from what you’re doing now?
"I worked at a tattoo shop, I was apprenticing to be a piercer but the band started picking up a lot more around about the same time, so I had to leave the shop and do the band full time."

What occupies your time off tour? Do you have any hobbies?
"Yeah I really like movies, I go to see [them] as often as I can. I like TV shows like Dexter, The Walking Dead and what not. I really don’t get much time off tour, so when I do I spend it sleeping, relaxing and watching movies, hanging out with friends, doing nothing too crazy."

Do you have any off tour rituals?
"Well most of us will just go right home and sleep for two days straight because touring is the worst to get any sleep ever, so that’s what I mostly look forward to. As soon as I get [back] I’ll just go home and stay in my bed for two days and not do shit, after that we do have a ritual, we always go get chicken wings and pizza together to celebrate being back home."

When you go out for dinner is your attire a three piece suit?
"I think it’d be hilarious if I went for dinner dressed up like I do on stage! Obviously I wear all black everything wherever I go at all times, but mostly I’ll just wear whatever. I like the aesthetic of only getting dressed up a lot for shows, it keeps that part of my life alive a lot more than just doing it everywhere I go."

Do people recognise you back home?
"It’s getting to be more and more now, our fan base at home is growing. Sometimes I get noticed in really weird places like if I hang out with my parents and I go to a nice restaurant or hardware shopping with my dad."

Do you find that people are afraid of you considering your persona in your music videos?
"Yeah, I think I come off a lot scarier than I actually am and I don’t mind that people are afraid of me, I like it a lot, all the better for me. I don’t like people so the more people that are afraid of me that don’t want to talk to me the better."

What is an aspect of your off tour life that you think most people would be surprised by?
"When we’re off tour, a lot of people think that bands either hang out with each other a lot when they’re home, or might not. A lot of us live in other states so we really never even see each other until we start practicing for a tour, that kinda sucks but it might be good to prevent people from getting so over exposed to each other that we hate each other."

What things make you happy and what annoys you?
"I love eating, I love movies, I love music, I love my friends. Everything else just kind of annoys the fuck out of me. The biggest annoying thing in my whole life, the most frustrating thing currently is social networking and social media, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr all that shit, it pisses me off so fucking bad. Maybe I’m just over it and seeing all this stuff that I do but there’s just so much fucking stupidity on those websites and that annoys the shit out of me!"

Motionless In White return to the UK next week for two more shows supporting Asking Alexandria, dates as follows:

10 - BIRMINGHAM Academy
11 - MANCHESTER Academy

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