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Life Off Tour With Cancer Bats Vocalist Liam Cormier

Lucy Goodwin
Lucy Goodwin 21 December 2012 at 16.28

The Cancer Bats frontman tells us about his homelife. Toronto, bikes and illegal bonfires anyone?


Ever watched Sons of Anarchy? Do you find motorcycles, tattoos and illegal activities highly entertaining? Counting barbers and tattoo artists as friends and loving a woman who owns a motorcycle apparel shop, Rock Sound recently found out that Cancer Bats frontman Liam Cormier leads a pretty exciting life off tour. Back home in Toronto he goes for hundred dollar dinners with hardcore kids, hits up punk shows and hangs out by dirty great big bonfires. Are we jealous? Absolutely! Read on to find out why...

Where is home?
"Toronto, Canada. It’s the best I love it there."

What’s it like?
"It’s an awesome city full of all my best friends and when I go home I spend the whole time trying to hang out with them. All our friends are business owners so we go to [their] coffee shops, bars, clothing stores, bicycle shops and just hang out and see everybody. Our friends are barbers or tattoo artists too, everybody’s doing really cool stuff so it makes for fun time. My girlfriend owns a motorcycle apparel store, Town Moto and lot’s of us ride motorcycles so that’s a meeting point. They have a big back yard and last time we were home we had a big bonfire there for a friend's birthday, totally illegal but rad."

Do you have any siblings?
"I have an older brother, who lives five hours north of where we are so when it’s nice out I’ll go and visit him. He’s a lawyer who works for the city."

What are you watching when you're home?
"I’ve been trying to keep up with Parks and Recreation, New Girl and Sons of Anarchy (a bit of biker life)."

Do you go to shows when you’re in Toronto?
"I do, especially if people we know are playing. There’s a venue called The Shop which is underneath my friend's restaurant, he’s the head chef. It’s really fancy food and underneath there’s this dirty punk bar, all these hardcore kids will come to see bands play and there’s people having hundred dollar dinners upstairs. My girlfriend and I will go to the hundred dollar dinner and then we’ll go watch the bands downstairs."

Do you ever get recognised when you’re at home?
"Yeah actually it’s funny, there’s a lot of people that recognised me last time I was home and I kept laughing about it to my girlfriend. We would go to get pizza and the chef of the place was like, “are you from Cancer Bats?” When it happens my girlfriend rolls her eyes and my friends make fun of me, I think it’s really funny."

What’s the most treasured thing you own?
"Probably my motorcycle, that’s the only thing I own other than records, that’s the most expensive thing. It’s a Triumph strangler that I bought in 2011."

Describe your typical Christmas day?
"Christmas eve I spend with my family, my grandparents, aunts and uncles and then Christmas day is spent with my girlfriend's family. I wake up, have breakfast, open presents, hang out all afternoon."

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