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Lacuna Coil Talk Shallow Life Exclusively

Darren Sadler
Darren Sadler 8 April 2009 at 16.31

Lacuna Coil tell Rock Sound all about life, love and new album ‘Shallow Life’ in this exclusive interview.

Lacuna Coil’s hotly anticipated new album ‘Shallow Life’ is released this month. Rock Sound caught up with vocalist Cristina Scabbia to discuss life in the ‘Coil camp!

Recording in LA with Don Gilmour, was it all one big Sunset Strip party-athon while you were out there?
''No, no, no, no, no! There was no big party, we actually worked six days out of seven – in fact sometimes seven out of seven. We were stuck in the practice room so didn’t have a lot of free time for parties.''

How would you describe the overall mood of the album?
''I would say it’s really positive. We’re definitely more excited than ever about the material we wrote because it’s a sum of over 10 years of a career and it’s perfect because we found our own style and I love that. It’s a weird album, but I think our fans understand you have to evolve with your music.''

You have talked about the songs on the album being “direct” – do you feel that detracts from the band’s epic / grand vibe that was Lacuna’s trademark?
''I think so, but only in that the message we want to give and the songwriting we experimented with on this album is more direct than in the past. We avoided all the stuff that was often squeezed into compositions that isn’t really needed for a song.''

With bigger budgets and time – while the album sounds great – to what extent do you feel you have lost any of original “poverty stricken-artist / creative struggle” that normally defines great artists, be them musicians, painters or writers?
''Well of course, the more time you have and the bigger the budget you have you’re able to spend more time working on the details. In the past we would record all of the vocals and not just mine, Andreas [Ferro, vocals] too, in one week, and that was done without the chance to arrange or change everything. I can certainly feel this change granted by the luxury of time when I listen to the songs on this album.''

On the last album ‘Karmacode’, it took the cover of Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy The Silence’ to break Lacuna out with something of a mainstream hit. How did this make you feel as musicians and songwriters?
''To be completely honest ‘Enjoy The Silence’ wasn’t even supposed to be a single. Our label decided to put it out because a lot of people requested it. It was supposed to be a song for the live shows, and everybody knows the lyrics to it because Depeche Mode are so well known. We wanted a song to perform live that everybody could sing with us just for fun. We even put it as the last track on the album. It certainly wasn’t intended to be a single we did to boost sales.''

You’re dating Jim Root from Slipknot – are you a rock ‘n’ roll celebrity couple – you’re entering into gossip magazine territory here!
''We’re really far from the rock star celebrity couple, seriously, we don’t look at each other in that way. Relationships are things that I like to keep quiet about, something that is just mine.''

Do you feel like you’ve left your sleepy Italian roots way behind these days?
''No, it’s in our blood. I would say that rather than losing our sound we are becoming more international. Travelling the world constantly puts you in a position where you’re in touch with other cultures and languages. You can’t really think of yourself as an artist only influenced by Italy.''

Are you going to be the new Evanescence?
''I really don’t know that much about Evanescence. I heard their music on the radio but I think that our story as a band is completely different. We’ve been around for a lot of years, have a strong fan base and the music is different. Probably the only thing we have in common is that we both have a woman singing. So all the respect to them as a band, but we’re following our own path!''

Lacuna Coil’s ‘Shallow Life’ is released this month on Century Media, the album will be streaming at from April 9th for one week only.

Read Rock Sound’s verdict on the album and more with Cristina in the next issue of Rock Soundow – on sale April 22.

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