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Josh Franceschi Versus The Volcano

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 21 April 2010 at 16.17

And the volcano is winning as the You Me At Six frontman remains stranded in Portugal.

You Me At Six released their new single 'Liquid Confidence' on Monday and a busy week of promotion was planned for the quintet to support the release.

However, Eyjafjallajokull happened and scuppered all plans as lead singer Josh Franceschi and guitarist Chris Miller found themselves stuck on holiday in Portugal as European airspace closed dramatically.

Last night Rock Sound got on the blower with Franceschi to assess the impact of the Icelandic volcano and to talk suntans, check out the interview below...

So, Euro volcanoes eh, how you getting home?
"My flight home was originally on Sunday but it got cancelled, I was supposed to fly home Thursday but because of the latest eruption we are taking a 36 hour coach trip to get back to London instead. Living the dream basically."

What problems has this caused behind the scenes?
"Well our single 'Liquid Confidence' came out Monday, we had a Radio 1 Live Lounge session booked that we had to cancel. We had an instore in London on Friday and that's cancelled too as we don't get back home in time. It's caused a bit of hassle, any other week I'd be loving the fact that I've got a bit more time to be on holiday!"

Surely it's not all bad though?
"For the first three days I was out here there were tropical storms and the sun didn't really come out until yesterday. In theory, although You Me At Six has suffered because of these problems my tan has definitely benefitted."

Have you finished your holiday reading?
"Yeah, it was an amazing book called I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell by Tucker Max. It was a really funny read."

Have you spoken to other bands affected by this?
"Absolutely, I know bands on tour in the UK at the moment who don't know if they can get home and now they are worrying because they can't afford to be stranded in the UK. But there are far worse stories, I heard that there is a young guy waiting for a heart transplant and the heart is stuck in Germany because of the volcano. Me and Chris being stuck in sunny Portugal is nothing compared to stuff like that."

What would you do to stop the volcano?
"I don't know, I wasn't really very good at geography at school but I guess I would get as many fat people as possible, get them in there and hope it acts as a plug."

When you eventually arrive back in the UK what's coming up next for You Me At Six?
"We are about to announce more festivals in the UK and Europe which is really exciting. Matt and Dan are going to try going to Vegas for a break and me, Max and Chris are going to start writing new songs, we really want to get going on that. We also want to do an acoustic EP and release it for free but we are still talking to the label about that particular idea."

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