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Jaret Reddick On Bowling For Soup’s Relationship With The UK: “The UK Saved Our Career, 100%”

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 6 December 2019 at 09.28


Bowling For Soup are heading to the UK next year with Simple Plan - reviving a tour they did around the UK together 16 years ago! The Together Again, You're Welcome Tour is hitting six cities across the UK in February, and tickets are available from here.

Ahead of hitting the UK, we caught up with Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick about what he thinks of his tourmates, his relationship with the UK, and what Bowling For Soup have on the horizon.

So you're heading over to the UK in February with Simple Plan! Whose idea was that - did you approach them?
Says Jaret: "We did! Myself and my manager just really wanted to come in with - well, just a show, and I think we’ve done that these last couple of years. Bringing over Simple Plan is great timing too, because they have a new album that’s going to be out some time shortly after that. Also, they’re just great friends of ours, they’re our original little brothers, and it’s just gonna be awesome - I’m so stoked about it! It’s just gonna be just a big singalong night, because you just take all of the singles of the two bands, that’s your night right there - there’s a lot to sing along to, so I am beyond excited."

This is also the return of an original touring package you did 15 years ago in the UK too...
Yeah! It’s actually going to be 16 years ago next year which is crazy. That was a huge year for them, a huge year for us, and just a nice time - so it’s good to bring it all back over there. We’re due for a huge tour, and those guys will definitely be bringing it - and I’m bringing over a band that I manage called Not Ur Girlfrenz who were on the bundle with us last year too, and it’s just gonna be a really fun night."

You obviously know Simple Plan really well - what are some of your best memories of them?
"One night things got a little bit crazy - and they don’t really party like we do - they don’t really drink, but they’re still a lot of fun. Well - they drink a little bit, but they’re not Bowling For Soup is what I’m saying. So we were at a college in Leeds, and shit was going crazy, and Chris Burney [guitar] was throwing chocolate milk off the balcony and watching it explode - and a refrigerator got picked up, and just tossed over the edge of the balcony. Just as it was just about to go over, everybody was like, ‘Man, they’re gonna charge us for that!’, and Jeff [Stinco, guitar] from Simple Plan just goes, ‘Fuck it, I’ll pay for it!’, and the refrigerator just goes over the edge. And when we walked out, and there was Jeff just writing a cheque - so we were at least responsible in our insanity. But there’s always something going on with those dudes, and I’m so excited to do it all again."

I've never heard of a band actually throwing the TV out the hotel window, but you genuinely threw a fridge off a hotel balcony?
"Yeah! It makes us seem quite rock and roll (laughs). But I will tell you, one of the funniest things we’ve ever done - we were in Indiana one time, and we moved all of the furniture out the hotel window, and it was snowing, so all the streets were shut down and there was no traffic. So we reset the hotel room up in the street - we set the bed up, and put the nightstand out with the lamp on top, and the TV… and then we left, and it was just like a full hotel room in the middle of the street. And that’s the best thing we’ve ever done."

Oh my god - do you have any photos of that?
"Unfortunately this is pre-iPhone, and I do not. All I have is the memories!"

What's your relationship like with the UK and your UK fans?
You know - the UK saved our career, 100%. If you back up from ‘Girl All The Bad Guys Want’, and you go back to ‘Let’s Do It For Johnny’ - had that song not have done so well over there on the television stations and on the radio, had we not had those appearances that we had at Reading & Leeds, had we not come over and done those two tours that we did, Jive Records would not have kept us. Now, I’m not going to say that we wouldn’t be here because we would have kept trying, and who knows? But the odds were definitely not in our favour if we didn’t get that second record - and we got to make that second record ‘Drunk Enough To Dance’ 100% because of the support that we’d got from the UK on ‘Let's Do It For Johnny’. And that's it, and we know that - and when people are like, ‘you guys are so consistent with the UK and that’s awesome’, it’s like, no. That’s just the way that it is, and we don’t take it for granted. We’re very very aware."

What do you have on the horizon? What are you working on?
We’re doing tonnes of new music - we’re trying to do a cover song every single month, and we’re going straight to streaming. We’ve already got the first two out, and the third one will be coming soon. A lot of them have a theme to them, which you’ll see - the next one is about mental health awareness, and trying to let people know that they’re not alone and that there’s help out there, and that there’s other people out there going through what they’re going through. So that’s the next cover song.

"All of our original material that’s coming out over the next year will go straight to streaming too, so just whatever your favourite streaming platform is, it’s there. So there’s no plans for an album right this minute, because that’s what we’re doing for the next 12 months or so - but I think that the end of that, what I’d really like to do is finally go out and do a ‘Songs People Actually Like’ volume two - when we did volume one it was just a re-recording of the hits of our first 10 years, so I’d like to go and do the next 10 years. And there’s some other things in the works - we have a documentary about our hometown that we’re working on, literally just started the audio portion of that. So there’s a bunch of stuff, and if you’r a Bowling For Soup fan, you’re gonna be happy."

Bowling For Soup are heading to the UK in February with Simple Plan - check out the full list of tour dates below:


10th - GLASGOW Academy
11th - NEWCASTLE Academy
12th - BIRMINGHAM Academy
13th - MANCHESTER Victoria Warehouse
14th - LONDON Brixton Academy
15th - BRIGHTON Centre

Tickets are available now from here.

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