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InVisions’ ‘Between You & Me’: Track By Track

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 8 February 2019 at 18.41

The new InVisions album has LANDED.

InVisions release their album 'Between You & Me' today! Istead of us telling you why we like it, we thought it would be better if InVisions guitarist Lucas Gabb explained their latest offering, track by track.

Over to Lucas:

'Good For Nothing'
'Good For Nothing' was one of the first tracks we wrote for the record back in August 2017! It deals with the self-destructive behaviour that everyone in the band has been through and had to learn to manage. I think we all have our own vices, answers and ways of coping with the shitty aspects in life and a lot of the time these coping methods aren’t the smartest or healthiest ways to process things. It can often leave you feeling like you’re stuck in a routine of falling back on these things and leave you in a pretty low place. The track is all about acknowledging that and learning from it.

'Too Far Gone'
'Too Far Gone' is a call back to a track called 'Turn Up' from our debut album. It’s also shout out to all our iV-OGs who’ve been with us since day one! It’s a song for anyone who’s ever felt like a bit of an outcast or been told who they should be. On social media we’re all presenting the best parts of ourselves and are the first to criticise other people on things we don’t agree with and this track is a reminder to stop caring about everyone else’s opinions and just focus on yourself.

'Follow Me'
'Follow Me' is probably the most relentless track on the record and going to be one of the most challenging tracks to nail live! Growing up you’re given the idea that you should follow a certain path that leads to a ‘real job’ and it’s almost seen as unrealistic to chase your dreams and do something you actually care about.  The line “You swear, you promise it’s a f*cking fool’s paradise. Dream on believers your life became the ticket price” really sets the tone of the song that and if you’re resenting the normality that you were falsely sold, do something about it!

'Worlds Away'
'Worlds Away' is hands down one of my personal favourite tracks on the record. As musicians I think as you progress you constantly want to change or edit parts of songs and this track was one of the first songs we’ve written where I wouldn’t change a thing! It deals with the darkest parts of the mind that we can all find ourselves lost in when life just gets on top of us. I find it’s really easy to get disconnected from the world and be introverted and self-absorbed in your own problems. When that happens you don’t really want to lay your issues on someone else or can’t even comprehend that someone might be going through the same thing. 'Worlds Away' encapsulates the feeling of wanting to reach out but not really knowing how.

'Too Little, Too Late'
'Too Little, Too Late' is definitely the heaviest track that we’ve ever summoned from the underworld! It’s ignorantly heavy but still has a killer groove! I’m sure this one’s gonna go off live! Lyrically it’s all about two faced people who compulsively lie and deceive everyone around them. It takes a look at these character traits and acts as a wakeup call for these people, helping them realise the effect their actions have on themselves and other people.

'Heretic', more than anything else, is a track to provoke thought. In modern society you see people following leaders like trends and people confirming to opinions without spending the time looking into a subject matter. 'Heretic' is all about not being afraid to go against the grain and be your own person. What better way to motivate that than some insanely heavy beatdowns that get you ready to move?

'Memoriam' has one of the sickest guitar riffs on the whole album on it! It’s insanely bouncy and crazy fun to play! Lyrically, it’s that feeling of coming out the other side of a break up, when you stop feeling grief and start to notice all the flaws that you couldn’t see from the inside. It feeds on the empowered feeling you get when you realise you’re worth more than being lied to and cheated. It’s a shitty situation that most people have experienced in some way, so this track is all about taking that negativity and using it to motivate something more positive.

'Dead To Me'
'Dead To Me' is straight up a call out to all the snakes. Some people can’t help but go behind other’s people’s backs, stirring shit, causing problems and even get a kick out of it. It’s crazy! We’re all pretty laid back guys so when we see people creating unnecessary drama it seems insane to us. There isn’t a lot of things that really piss us all off but this is definitely one of them and this track is an outlet for that anger.

'LifeLost' was the final track to be completed for the record and it took us a while to finally nail this chorus! It’s still a heavy tune but the sheer epic levels of the chorus it kind of mellow the tone for the whole track. Being in a band, you have to sacrifice a lot of things if you want to take it seriously and try and make the dream a reality. 'LifeLost' is all about the things that can feel the stress of that sacrifice whether it’s family, friends, relationships or even just feeling like you miss out on the normal aspects of life. The line “Another life lost” is how it can feel at times when you’re leaving other things behind to pursue music.

'Down & Out'
'Down & Out' has everything! It’s relentlessly heavy, has a massive chorus and a pretty mean guitar solo in there. During the writing process, I must have written about 4 different variants of the chorus before scrapping them as they just didn’t do the music justice, but it seems totally worth it now! Everybody experiences highs and lows, that’s just a part of life. 'Down & Out' is feeling like you’re stuck at the bottom of a well and there is no rope to help you climb back out. That time inside your own head gets you questioning why it’s like this and if there even is a way back out. It’s a pretty dark track but carries a hopelessly hopeful perspective which I think shines through!

'Never Enough'
'Never Enough' was the first track we had written musically for the new record, which definitely helped set the tone for the rest of the album. I think it’s a very natural progression of the sound from our debut record to where we’re at now with 'Between You & Me'. Thematically, 'Never Enough' is all about lust. It’s about the pure passion-fuelled experience with a new partner, coupled with the excitement and uncertainty as to what comes next and where it goes. It deals with a juxtaposed narrative with the verse being confident and headstrong whilst the chorus kind of pulls back the curtain and shows the more sentimental and emotional impact.

'Destined To Fail'
This is the first time we’ve experimented with different time signatures within a track. It’s not quite up to Periphery standards, but we do switch between 3/4 and 4/4 to give it a fast and urgent groove which is maintained throughout the track. We’ve all been in bands since we were kids which have collectively brought us to where we are today and 'Destined To Fail' is all about the journey and set-backs you face being in the music industry. Sometimes it feels like all the odds are stacked against you and that when you finally take one step forward, it’s only to take two steps back. When all you care about is writing and playing music, you have to just take it in your stride and push harder. We really wanted to close the album on a positive and epic note and I think we nailed that with this song. The chorus takes all the doubts and questions we’ve had about this path and puts them to rest. It basically says nothing is going to get in the way of what we want!

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