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Introducing NOISY, The Trio Looking To Meld Euphoria And Humanity One Night Out At A Time

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 28 May 2021 at 13.41

"There are no boundaries"

Now is the right time for you to become obsessed with NOISY

Forged on friendship, community and blurry nights on the town, the trio are making some serious waves with their unique and quintessentially British brand of harsh and heavy electronic alt-pop. With crashing beats, frantic verses and an honest and emotional sensibility, they are a band made for all of us just trying to make it through the week and making the most of the weekend. 

With a headline tour announced, alongside support slots with You Me At Six and YUNGBLUD, and a brand new single in the form of 'Days Go By', we jumped on the phone with the lads to find out exactly what makes them tick...

When NOISY was nothing more than an idea, what do you feel as though your intentions were? How has that adapted through to where we are now?
Cody (Vocals): "Without sounding cliché, we have always strived to be the biggest band in the world. We want to play Wembley Stadium in ten years and have hundreds of thousands of people singing back at us. Every time we write a song, we’re immediately thinking, how will it come across live? Is this song going to create euphoria?"

Connor (Guitar): "When it comes to NOISY, there are no boundaries. We had been in an indie band for seven years, and all of a sudden, we were on a clean slate again. Nobody knew who NOISY were, so we had two years just to have fun making music all over again. We were able to go as crazy as possible."

Spencer (Producer): "When we were just a guitar band, we were locked into that sound. We weren’t able to stretch too far out of it. But with NOISY, we’re able to produce something new and weird for us."

Euphoria is such an incredible thing to want to be aiming for. It’s also a feeling that you have to learn how to bottle and control…
Cody: "I feel like since we made ‘So What’, that was the moment where it started to click into place. Ever since that song, we have been able to continue moulding and to move towards that feeling. Every single week we are writing, we’re trying to make something that little bit different from everyone else. We’re constantly stretching what NOISY can be."

What have you noticed in terms of the array of people who are attracted to your band?
Cody: "I feel as though everybody looks at us as a party band. That’s what we want to be. We want to be the life of the party. We want to have the craziest gigs and for people to feel like they need to be where the madness happens. That is the energy that we thrive off."

Spencer: "And there is a wide array of people coming and sharing that with us."

Cody: "To be honest, we’ve only done around 20 shows, maybe even less. So we still don’t know what fans we have."

Connor: "We’ve only done the one headliner too, and it was the last gig before everything shut down last year. That’s been the only chance that we’ve had to see who supports us."

Cody: “At the end of the day, as long as everybody is there to have fun with us and escape for half an hour, that’s all we could ever want.”

It feels as though the reason people gravitate towards you is down to the humanity and emotional vulnerability that you manage to portray in your music. Has that always been a focus?
Cody: “When it comes to lyrics, we all just chat about what we all do as people. Everything that you hear is 100% authentic to who we are. That does resonate with people too. Some of our favourite songs have some of the most honest lyrics, and I think that's what makes a great song. Being so vulnerable.”

Connor: “Even though our songs can sound like, ‘Let’s go out, it’s Friday night, it’s the weekend’, there’s another side to it. There’s the, ‘It’s Monday morning now, and I feel like shit. Are my mates okay? Am I okay?’”

Spencer: “It’s like a How-To on life.”

To get to those good times, you need to wade through the bad times, and to reach that sweet spot as an artist isn’t straightforward. How has your relationship with making that reality changed throughout you finding your feet?
Cody: "In writing about ourselves and our feelings, we will always get better at it. We are constantly getting stronger and refining the ways that we want to say things. And as well as getting better at it, we also understand ourselves more."

Spencer: "It’s about aiming to top it every single time. A better interpretation of what you’re trying to talk about and then trying to get new experiences to talk about them. In the future, it’s going to become even more interesting in what we can produce when we’re allowed out in the world."

Cody: "Yeah, we haven’t even been on a proper tour yet. The life experiences that we are hopefully going to get from that will be crazy and unlike anything else. Right now, it feels like we are trying to squeeze out the last bits of inspiration we have after a year with a severe lack of it. We need the energy and the release of life to get back to writing properly again."

What does it mean to have the band there as a means to pour that inspiration into? To be able to step into the NOISY headspace and create something just because you can…
Spencer: "I don’t think I’m ever out of a NOISY headspace. I feel like we are always glued to this."

Cody: "With us all being best mates and always hanging out together, we are always in NOISY mode. We’re always thinking of new ways to make our band better. Nowadays, if you’re not in that mindset, you’re doing something wrong. In many ways, this is a 9-5 job. You need to be constantly working at it."

Connor: "We just try and live it completely. Even when we’re on a night out in the club, you will find us all stood in the corner chatting about some idea for the band."

Before the band, you were all working in the NHS and seeing life uniquely and interestingly. How did your experiences there contribute to what you have wanted to do with NOISY?
Cody: "You meet so many different characters in the hospital, from the people you work with to the people who are just in there for whatever reason. You have so many conversations with so many people. Some have lived life and been through it all, and others are only just starting.  I think that we have taken some of those things into our music subconsciously."

Connor: “It’s made us appreciate every single little moment within NOISY that feels even the tiniest bit exciting. Those things have been amplified from us just working a day job and getting by.” 

So let’s focus on new single ‘Days Go By’. Where does that fit within the NOISY story?
Cody: “It’s about taking a step back and watching life go by. I feel like it’s the first song we have where we haven’t just spoken about ourselves and our situations and feelings. We set out to speak about life in general and what that means when it all gets too much.”

With actual tours now pencilled in and some significant steps about to be taken, how does it make you feel to consider what is to come?
Cody: “We’ve just got this big ball of energy ready to give to people. I don’t think we have had the chance to shine live yet, and we have so many songs we haven’t even played on a stage yet. We’re so eager to get out there and play with people. That’s why we are in a band, after all. To get that feeling of sharing our music, live.”

Connor: “Not having the opportunity to do any of that over the last year, when we consider ourselves such a live band, has been hard. But we are so excited to get out there, meet new people and find new fans.”

Cody: “It does feel like we have been treading water and waiting for the chance to get out there. Here’s hoping that we can excel.”

What do you feel as though the goal of NOISY is for you?
Spencer: “It’s to be that special thing for people. We want to be the thing that people can lose themselves in whilst also feeling like they are a part of something.”

Cody: “For people to want to throw themselves into our band and love it as much as we do is such a cool feeling and something we want to continue.”

And how does it feel to have NOISY at the very core of who you all are? What does it mean to have it be such a big part of your lives?

Cody: “It feels great. It feels like we have something to live for. I think we would all feel lost without this band.”

Spencer: “Honestly, it means so much to us.”

Connor: “Everything about it is so real. It’s like a diary entry for us. And when we look back on the band in years to come, we will have everything that is happening in our lives documented because of the band. That’s really special.”

You catch NOISY on the road at these dates:


02- BRIGHTON Electric


03 - GLASGOW Barrowland
04 - GLASGOW Barrowland
06 - NOTTINGHAM Rock City
07 - NOTTINGHAM Rock City
12 - LONDON Kentish Town Forum


02 - MANCHESTERAcademy
06 - BRISTOL Academy
09 - NEWCASTLE Academy
10 - LONDON Kentish Town Forum 


13 - NOTTINGHAM Bodega
15 - BRIGHTON Komedia Studio Bar
18 - GLASGOW Stereo
19 - MANCHESTER Yes Basement
20 - BIRMINGHAM Sunflower Lounge
27 - LONDON Colours

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