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Introducing Cherie Amour, Your New Favourite Boundary-Destroying Band

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 6 October 2021 at 17.35

We find out how they created a sound that is unlike anyone else.

Everybody, meet Cherie Amour.

The band have just released their debut EP 'Internal Discussions' on Rude Records / Equal Vision and it's a project that you simply need to hear. Combining the intensity of post-hardcore, the caramel textures of soul, the confidence of modern hip-hop and the sporadic joy of rock, the band have created their own beat and march to it proudly. Brimming with innovation and a desire to create something truly unique, this is only the beginning of what is set to be a fascinating journey.

To find out more about how we go here, we sat down with the band to talk through their journey so far...

Where does Cherie Amour begin for you, and how does that initial vision compare to where we are now?
Ronnie [Sherman, Drummer]: “Me and Trey were originally a band called One Life To Lead. Well, you know how people had come, and people go, and it ended up being the four of us together with Brendan and Casey joining. When that happened, we started cooking up something that felt genuinely crazy. Nobody else was doing what we were putting together when we started jamming. We started to take things from all of the different things we were listening to, mashing genres together and trying things out, and it started to make sense. That’s how Cherie Amour started, the want to be different to what everybody else was doing.”

Brendan [Willis, Guitarist]: “It all felt so natural. I had been in a pop-punk band, Casey had been in a post-hardcore band. But when we joined this band, everything suddenly felt real and right.”

What does that desire to blend different sounds look like at the very start, then? How did you set about making your different passions all work together?
Ronnie: “It just took time to learn how to feed off each other. We each stay in our lane in terms of what we like and know, but collectively we’re working together, and that’s how things get taken to another place.”

Trey [Miller, Vocalist]: “We used to have songs that were almost siloed. This was the pop-punk song. This was the hardcore song. This was the rap-rock song. Now we have got to a point where we have figured how to make all those pieces fit together. And that comes from trying over and over again.”

So once you had the sound nailed down, what was it that you wanted these songs to represent for you emotionally? There’s a lot of anger in some of these tracks and confidence, passion, vulnerability, and acceptance. How does that come together?
Trey: “I feel like there was a whole process of me starting out feeling depressed and angry before getting to a point where you realise things are only momentary for me to pen lyrics like these. The past becomes the past eventually. I never really have a plan when it comes to fitting into the band, though. I will just figure the vibe out with the instrumental and know the exact words I have that need to go on top of it. I’ll have some words that never connected to anything, and then I’ll hear something and realise how it now has a home and makes sense.”

It must come down to creating a particular attitude within your music where those things can exist, and doing that must open so many new doors...
Brendan: “It’s weird because it’s not like one person writes the whole song at any time. We’re all in it together. And there is never even a goal to reach or a want something to sound a certain way. It’s all a vibe, and that’s just the way it is.”

Ronnie: “We’re on the same page 100% of the time. We will all be thinking something, and then all go to say at the same time. That’s such a crazy position to be in as artists.”

Has it been a case of taking the time to reach a point where it makes sense, rather than rushing out with something you’re not sold on?
Brendan: “So we started writing for this EP back when Casey joined, which was in 2019. At that time, we had ‘Burn’, and then the rest came together afterwards. But we were at a point where we knew we had something, and we didn’t want whatever that was to go to waste. That’s why we didn’t rush.”

Trey: “We had talked about all these different ways of how we could solo release it before labels got involved, and I think that we almost psyched ourselves out of doing anything because we believed in the tracks so much. We would wonder if the cover should look like this or this or this and not make a decision, just because we wanted it to be perfect.”

So what would you say is the thing that holds the five songs on ‘Internal Discussions’ together?
Brendan: “It’s the fact that it’s every part of us as people. We put our heart and soul into it, and that’s what brings it all together.”

Ronnie: “I feel like there is a certain level of vulnerability within these songs. During this process, I was figuring myself out as much as the band, unpacking many mental things that I had going on. And a piece of that shows inside of the music. It’s okay to be vulnerable and know that you should follow whatever makes you want to do and be something. That’s what we did these songs.”

Trey: “I had filtered so much in my lyrics previously, especially in One Life To Lead. I would mask everything I would write as I was worried about people knowing what I was doing in my personal life. Now I’m letting it all out there.”

How does it feel to have Cherie Amour as a part of your lives in the way it is? How does that feel when you consider what the future looks like?
Brendan: "Growing up, I always wanted to make people happy. As I started transitioning into the music scene and watching other bands on stage, I knew that it was what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a part of this special place that makes people happy and forget about the rest of the world. It’s crazy that I found these guys, who are my best friends, and I’m able to do that thing I have always wanted. It’s not a dream. It’s a reality."

Ronnie: "I think we are similar in the way that this is all we have ever wanted to do. Now that we’re doing that, it’s not a case of stopping and going, ‘Wow, we’re doing this’. It’s about not stopping and keeping that ball rolling." 

Trey: "I just love being in this band and love being with my boys. Without being able to do this, I would feel so empty. We’re a team, and that’s the best thing in the world."

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