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Into It. Over It.

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 5 September 2011 at 15.44

A track by track guide to the latest IIOI album ‘Twelve Towns’.

In the latest issue of Rock Sound magazine we talk to Into It. Over It. aka Evan Thomas Weiss about his latest record 'Twelve Towns'.

The album is a compilation of songs initially released via a series of split EPs over the last year and it's great, like really great.

We asked Evan to explain the stories behind each track, and he very helpfully obliged. Read below, get familiar at and then click here to pre-order 'Twelve Towns', out September 19 through Topshelf (distributed in the UK via Pink Mist).

01. Nashville, TN
"We recorded this live in the front room of Drasik Studios with the windows open. The street noise is real. We did three or four takes until we got one we were really pleased with. It's about being more drunk than I'd like to be in Nashville, doubting myself and not being able to find a mechanical bull."

02. Orlando, FL
"I couldn't sing the vocal melody I wanted to because of the tuning. Wound up having to rewrite it an octave lower and decided to double track them to make them more interesting. We were stuck in Orlando for a few days and watched a relationship discreetly unfold in the apartment we were staying in. We had to keep it a secret from everyone around us. I wrote a song about it instead."

03. Brenham, TX
"Touring can be awful. Bad things continually happen constantly. It's always something... Whether it's your gear getting stolen... Or your van breaking down... Or some sort of food poisoning... It's one thing after another. Touring, and all of the misery that goes along with it, can break bands up... Can ruin a bands spirit. However, the flip side to that, is when something amazing happens on tour, it reminds you why you play music in the first place. This is about something amazing happening on tour in the most unlikely of places: Texas."

04. Cambridge, MA
"A minimal song about a quick anecdote. A friend came to visit me in Cambridge. Found out she was miserable after moving to New England. I tried getting her to stay in NJ as hard as I could. I felt vindicated and wrote this. Steve Poponi's voice really rounds the song out at the end."

05. Summerville, SC
"We tried to make this song as loud as possible... Just like the racist piece of shit that busted into the house we were sleeping in while on tour and started screaming and carrying on. This song was about feeling helpless against something I feel so strongly against. It's the worst feeling in the world. I'd never had a good experience in Summerville and this one truly took the cake. Fuck the Carolinas. Sorry, I'm not sorry."

06. Westmont, NJ
"There is no worse time to be replaced than during the holidays. I recorded this live in my friend Matt's old bedroom. I don't think I've ever played this song as good as I did during the recording session."

07. Augusta, GA
"Have you ever seem the movie Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind? Well, I lived it."

08. Buffalo, NY
"Met a stranger. She showed me around her city. Now we're amazing friends. This is a quick song about feeling home when you're so far from home. Everything on this song minus lyrics were written on the spot. The disintegrating drums were achieved by manually slowing down the tape machine."

09. Billings, MT
"One of the first songs I ever wrote with a "band". I almost got beat up in Billings over a pickled pigs foot. Believe it or not, this song is the story."

10. Portland, OR
"I got called a "jock douchebag" by a girl in Portland. I had to learn the main guitar part backwards. We recorded it. Then flipped it in reverse so it would be the right riff... But in reverse. Does that make sense? Then I tracked each drum separately. I made sure each bass/snare drum hit lined up with each lyric. This song was so much fun to record. If you listen close to the vocal tracks, you can tell I had an awful cold."

11. Washington, DC
"Our friends had a knife pulled on them in DC. The cops pulled up and then did nothing. We watched, as the people who were supposed to help just drove off. Then we took matters into our own hands. If you think about it, it's really a metaphor for life. Have I gotten too deep? I'm just kidding about metaphors."

12. Pontiac, MI
"This song almost became the lost town. I recorded this in one take and it shows. I think this adds to the songs personality though and has since become one of my favorite IIOI songs. It's about sharing a couch with an aging Doberman Pincher. I think it's a fitting end to the record in it's simplicity."

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