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Interviews: On tour with Kids In Glass Houses

Adam F. Kennedy
Adam F. Kennedy 31 March 2010 at 21.01

Rock Sound went on the road with our Band Of The Week

In the plush surroundings of Hull City Hall, KIGH appear consummately at home on a stage many times the size of Oxford’s, converting a couple of thousand Lostprophets fans to their cause with style. Led by Aled Philips’ poster-boy performance and plenty of sing-alongs, there’s a real sense that playing venues such as this represents a possible glimpse into the near future. If ‘Dirt’ fulfils its promise this could be their habitat for the taking.
Sat surrounded by drained spirit bottles and a discarded weightlifting bar backstage, the Kids – completed by guitarists Joel Fisher and Iain Mahanty, Andrew Shay on bass and drummer Philip Jenkins – mop up the evening’s sweat over a few cold ones.
It’s weird,” muses Aled, considering the elevated status they’re already enjoying among a fresh-faced fan base. “Kids have a really different perspective on people in bands. The younger they are, they freak out more. It’s strange because our lives are so normal and have changed so little. We’re only onstage for 45 minutes. The rest of our day is as shit as anyone else’s!
There’s a sizeable amount of humility at work in his wisdom, however: the nine-to-five this certainly is not. For one, all five have long since quit respective day jobs. When Rock Sound arrives in Oxford, the lads are busy running out several Sharpies signing posters. Tales of Japanese fans involve all manner of personalised gifts. Last year they attended the premiere of hit movie The Wrestler and met star Mickey Rourke. And later in Hull, when Aled takes to the decks for a DJ set in a club across town, various fans join the party and pose for photos with the band – some treating the encounter in the breathless manner that’s normally reserved for Hollywood A-listers. That said, the band are convinced that their upcoming opus possesses filthy handfuls of ammunition fit to make KIGH’s everyday truly out of the ordinary.

This is an excerpt from a feature in Rock Sound 133.

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