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If You Listen To One Thing Today, Make It The New Album From The Jury & The Saints

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 23 February 2015 at 17.55

The Jury & The Saints are your favourite punk rock band you've never heard of. Time to fix that. 

Hello! Good Monday? Alright then.

That up there is a picture of The Jury & The Saints. They're a punk rock band from New Zealand. If you like Living With Lions, Alkaline Trio, Bouncing Souls, Hot Water Music, fistpumps, woah-oahs, that sort of thing, then you'll LOVE their new album. It's coming out on March 02 and we've hooked up an early stream of the whole thing for one reason only: it's bloody great. Don't just take our word for it, though...

See? G-R-E-A-T. 

The band's bassist Ivan Beets (best bassist name ever, right?) has said this about the album: “We are The Jury & The Saints, a punk rock band from New Zealand. Disappointment, uncertainty, frustration, excitement, energy, and hope…this record is about our struggles and victories and about playing music that matters. The album was written in New Zealand and recorded in Germany and it has been both the easiest and hardest record we have ever made. If you were to  listen to our conversations when we were in the rehearsal room and in the studio you would have heard us talking about wanting to make a record that was raw, full of energy, that made people want to sing, lyrics that were real and maybe even confronting, but also spoke about the good things in life and made you want to turn it up. We are super proud of it as it captures who we are as people and as a band."

Let them know if you like what you hear over on their Facebook page. And if you do, you can pre-order 'The Jury & The Saints' now from iTunes or Amazon.

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