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If You Like LOUD, Angry Hardcore And Stock Footage Music Videos, This One From Artemis Is For You.

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 9 March 2015 at 14.53

Basingstoke chaotic hardcore mob Artemis have an EP on the horizon. This song appears on it and it's a total riot.

“'Dark Passenger' is a song about the elusive evil within all people that we don't necessarily ever see but, when given the right catalyst, inevitably reveals itself," explains the band of the new single “The lyrics focus on a single person whose identity is never revealed and the video itself symbolises how that inherent evil can impact upon far greater concepts than merely other human beings; it depicts the overall damage that can be done to our planet as a whole.“

Artemis will release their 'Nothing Left To See' EP on March 30. You can pre-order it now from their Bandcamp page.


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